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  1. What im using now is working great. Morning and night: Johnson to Johnson gentle liquid wash at night : apply aloe vera. i tried to avoid those tazorac, topicals because they seem to make my face worse.
  2. Wow.. my mom gave me this birds nest w/collagan facial mask.. and its like an actual mask you put over your face. heres a picture: http://f3c.yahoofs.com/auc/000212687238/mo...g_bird_nest.jpg? my skin looks extremely bright/healthy! is anyone here using any organic toners? or toners with like ginseng or anything? i saw that some toners have alpha hydroxy, is that acid good for the face?
  3. I'm a chinese male... My face has finally been clearing up but now that it is clearing up, I have noticed that my pores are huge!! They are huge in the forehead and cheek areas, however, my nose and lip area are not. Therefore, it makes my skin look very uneven. Any suggestions on how to reduce the pore size, and making these areas look more "fresh?" I thought about using a toner, but dont they the less products you use on the face, the better? and also, I notice that I have hair follicles all o
  4. i have the one from walmart.. is that nature springs or something like that.. is that good? I heard the OMEGA complex was better?
  5. HI! Is there anything that I can use to help with my uneveness skin tone? I'm asian.. and my skin color is really uneven. I can't use ACV because that stuff burns my face, even when I dilute with lots of water. Does tanning help?
  6. Hi! Does drinking 8 glasses of water really help with your skin complexion? I heard it does, it washes out the toxins in your body and such. But i've also heard from a lot of people who drink 8 glasses of water a day, say that it doesn't really help. I'm going try and start drinlking 2 liters a day... my skin tone is very uneven. =/
  7. Realllly. I did not know that. I always thought you had to moistorize because it keeps the skin healthy, and stuff. Well, what about sun screen? I have to put that on everyday before I go outside, and still my face gets oily. But anyways, I didn't put any moistorizer before I left today and my oil production seems to still be the same. How is cleansing oil for sensative/oily skin? For some reason, the idea of putting more oil on your face to stop producing more oil doesn't really make sense..
  8. ive been reading up on the cleansing oil treatment.....and heard that it really helps with oilyness? any ideas on this? and waht about omega 3 supplements?
  9. ive posted several times on here... and have taken many suggestions, but it seems like nothing is working! lately, my skin has been very oily.. for instance. if i wash my face(im using this dove foam cleanser), my face will get oily usually within that hour.. and when i apply mostorizer(im using aveeno spf 15 skin brightening and/or cetaphil) my face looks even greasier! are there any products that may help control my oilyness? also, my skin seems to be somewhat discolored too.. will using a t
  10. I've been using this light alveeno moistorizer with spf 15, and its works amazing! but now that college is over, i'm heading to cali for the summer and i'll need a stronger sunblock/moistorizer that will protect me from the sun's ray. my skin is super sensative, and trust me.. i tan really easily. but contrary to many teens, i don't really want to tan. i have some hyper pigmentation spots on the face and i really dont want them to get any worse. can anyone recommend me with something above spf30
  11. hi, i think i'm going to take an alternative and try to use all natural products. the regime im using now isn't cutting out for me anymore. ive been breaking out with cysts/whiteheads on my forehead but worse of all, my jawline [bothsides] have been covered with cystic acnes, blackheads, and whiteheads. (idont know what happened, its purely disgusting and i have never seen it this bad before) so, can anyone recommend me natural cleansers and toners for me? im chinese malenand have very sensative
  12. also, for anyone else who has seen a derm, i used to get injections on my cysts/pimples. they seem to help, and i think are the only things that will help me out. is it possible to buy these injections without having to go to the derma?
  13. Thanks for the reply. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v331/sliqx88/IMG_4232.jpg Thats a quick snap of my right chin right now, and my left one is starting to look like this too. Disgusting. Anyways, I'm really tired of wasting money buying stuff that doesn't even really help. I seriously have bought over $200 worth of stuff and nothing seems to help! I have about 20 bottles for my face laying on my desk and my friends think I'm either femmy or crazy as hell for having all these face product
  14. Funny how pictures can be so decieving... my face doesn't look this clear! ANYways, I need some help guys. I've been breaking out like crazy. This time, it's all over my neck/chin/jawline area. Before, this would happen on the right side of my chin/jaw but now white heads and cysts are popping out from the left side. What can I do?! I dont touch it or anything... and the pillow I sleep on is clean. It's getting nasty because there coming up and going away, leaving redmarks. I wake up every morn
  15. well i guess day one of my regime. TONIGHT I: -steamed my face for 10 minutes. [opened up my pores] - used this mud clay facial wash by this japanese brand - used sea water as an exfoliant and left that on for 10 minutes - proceeded to use a new toner [ACV with jojoba oil, tree oil, green tea] - followed by 99% ALOE VERA GEL. took some pictures after. my face feels more fresh! noticed that the steaming opened up a lot of my clogged pores. I WANT THOSE DAMN PIMPLES ON MY FOREHEAD GONE! AND
  16. Wow. there are so many suggestions, which shall I try out first? I actually used to use this cleanser by JOHNSON JOHNSON, and it worked really well. So I think I'm going to go to the store to buy that as my cleanser. Can anyone here recommend me any facial masks? I haven't used one in like three weeks, and I can already tell that my pores are CLOGGED. I need something that will help unclog the pores. As for the jojoba oil, the reason why I wanted it was to use it for the "green tea/acv toner" I
  17. Murad... ewww. I used that once and that stuff killed my face. =/ As for the cetaphil cleanser.. I have the cetaphil bar soap, but I dont think that stuff helps either. =/ I think I forgot to mention that my skin is super super sensative.
  18. These last couple of months, I have been breaking out like crazy! I break out mostly on my chin area, a few on the cheeks, on top of my lip area, and some on the forehead. I'm not sure why I am breaking out though, it's not like I put my hands on my face or anything. Let's see.. for the facial products, I'm using the japanese shisedo milk face wash, and the japanese biore men's exfoliator washer. see, i think these facial cleaners work, but somehow my body get's used to them and then they stop.
  19. First off.. I have asian skin, and my skin seems to be really sensative. I just bought the Neutrogena "Pore Refining Toner" that contains Alpha&Beta Hydroxy Formula which is basically alcohol.. AND THAT STUFF BURNS MY FACE! It turns my face really really red & so I'm probably going to return this product back to the store tomorrow. Can you guys recommend me any toners? I've even tried the ACV toner and that doesn't really help either... Thanks!