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  1. Hm, how much fish oil are you on, also how much omega 3 would that be? Also, how long have you been on it? Your skin also does seem dry, do you use any form of moisturization like complex 15? i'm going to go back and start taking 4 a day. the sams club brand. i think the reason why it looks so dry, is because of the tazorac.b(.1) i really considered going on accutane, but after reading some reviews, they say its not worth it... and plus, i have a weak liver (i have to piss like every ho
  2. Ugh geez -- my jawline is breaking out like crazzzzzy! http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v331/sliqx88/IMG_4232.jpg Will taking more grams of fish oil help with this?
  3. This totally sucks ------- because I'm such a diary person (I LOVE MILK,ICE-CREAM, YOGURT, GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICHES) Theres no way I'm intolerent
  4. Man, I reallly hate to say it -- but i think milk breaks me out? lately, i've been drinking 3 cups of milk, and my acne has been bad. I have several cystic pimples forming on my jawline and temple area. hmm, or could this just be all a concidence? also, my mom takes those sams club brand fish oil pills, however, i havent seen any effects with those, but have with the spring valley (walmart brand). could that be concidence too? but most of all - i think im breaking out because of my hormones (tes
  5. dont use carmexxxx. the best is aquaphor healing oilment. it does wonders for dry lips/skin.
  6. hmm ive been using castor and olive oil and seems like it breaks me out, especially on the forehead and jawline area... i dont know.
  7. Accutane does a nice job of drying the skin. I found stuff like tazoac and differin make the skin even worse when it come to oil production. Oil cleansers work, too. I have combo dry/oily/sensative and I've been using olive oil + castor oil and rubbing it into my face at night. Then, I wash it off with warmwater, and use a little bit of purpose cleanser to get rid of any excess oil on my face. Then, I apply aloe vera and a little bit of dan's moistorizer. It really helps with my skin, not to
  8. Yea, it works well. I usually use an oil cleanser, then rinse it off with the H&S ( im using this one with sea minerals, too)
  9. I cant do it. I mix it with cranberry juice, and it still burns my frickin throat!! Any suggestions?
  10. I noticed in the video that Dan didn't put any moistorizer on his forehead? Why not?
  11. Hey, I too used the dove sensative facial foam wash, however, that stuff broke me out. Whenever I used it, it would break me out on my jaw line and forehead area. There might have been something in the dove ingredient that made me break out.. but my skin is complicated, so. =P
  12. I haven't found anything that has helped me with getting rid of cystic acne. Whatever I use, it might work for a while, but then somehow, my face get's "immuned" to the products, thus I start breaking out with cystic acne. I have a question. How well does the OCM work with dry/oily skin? I have asian skin.. so my skin is super super sensative. Also, when I was my face in the morning ( I use purpose) -- my face tends to grease up and by the afternoon, I look like a greasy pizza. How well does the
  13. Doesn't the ACV strip the protein off your teeth?
  14. How do you know when you have the right level of pH in your skin?
  15. Ive been using the baby brush method for about 2 weeks now. Does anyone's bristle get really hard? Before, it was really soft, but now, when I use it on my face, the bristle's seem really hard and irritate my skin. I have the same brush as the OP. I even try dipping in boiling water, and it helps for a second, but then the bristle's harden up again.
  16. You know what probably screwed me over, was those damn biore strips! They really do work - they cleaned my pores but I think what happened was, I put aloe vera on my nose after using the strips, and thus oil + dirt probably accumulated which is why I have a huge bump on my nose. Anyways, I used Queen Helen Mint Julep (sp?) on my nose last night. After that, applied some tazorac on it. I dont think it helped much though. It looks redder then my left side, and it still hurts. But I'll try putting
  17. Those strips made me break out. See, they really do clear the pores off your nose, you can see all the gunk on the strip.. but then your nose gets unclogged but now theres a lot of bacteria that can enter those pores. I would suggest not using those, cause they'll cause you to have more breakouts.
  18. So i can tell that on my right side of my nose, it's getting alil red. and theres a small bump beginning to form. however, when i touch it.. it hurts. like, a lotttt. these are the worse pimples to get, ebcause now im going to look like roodolph within 2 days. =/ any tips on minimizing redness/pain? its going to form, no matter what.
  19. I'm not sure. See, my face was clear prior to the baby brush.. so it couldn't have popped any cause there was no pimples... however, there were some on my jawline. Also, the baby brush does make my skin feel smoother, however, I feel like my dark spots are more noticable now, after washing my face.
  20. Has anyone else broken out from this method? I started using the baby brush about 5 days ago, and at the time, I was clearing up pretty well. My acne was getting controlled, and I wasn't really breaking out anymore. Then, when I tried the baby brush method, I started to break out. And the thing is.. I'm not even brushing that hard. I'm moving in circular motions, starting from the nose. Now, I have atleast 6 new PIMPLES on my face, (3 on my forehead, two on both cheeks and a pimple about 2 inche
  21. does acv work on sensative skin? more speficially, asian skin?
  22. im not sure if its just me, but queen mint julep products seem to break me out... especially around in the cheek area.
  23. Hmm. I used to! It worked well,b ut then it stopped. Then i switched over to the dove foam cleanser (its in a green bottle) and that stuff actually made me break out. now im using john johnson.