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  1. i have both the cream and the gel. i mixed a little bit together, and have applied on my forehead and chin area. i was surprised it worked so welll but a bit drying.
  2. my god, car windows make my skin look the wooooorse. the sunlight + car mirrors = terror.
  3. i've been on the gel for about 3 days now, and it has broken me out like crazy! i have huge pimples coming out of my forehead, and i have a bunch of whiteheads around my jawlines. should i discontinue, or keep going? i know that tazorac causes people to purge, but my acne has not been this bad! i'm using the taz gel .05. i'm going for a facial tomorrow too... hopefully that'll help with some of the purging. i also used the cream, but the cream doesnt make me purge like the gel does. maybe i shou
  4. I got a acne facial a couple months ago, and it really helped prevent me from breaking out. Last month... I started breaking out, and I want to get in a habit of using facials. Does anyone know what kind of deep-cleansing facial spas use? I remember the lady was steaming my pores, and rubbing my face with the cleanser (it smelled/looked like lotion?) and then she did some extractions, and applied a mask. I had to get up to use the bathroom after the cleansing, and when I looked at my face in the
  5. After trying everything from eating to putting retinoids, nothing seems to work. No matter what, i always end up breaking out - especially around my forehead, chin/jawline, and a little bit over my cheek. The pimples on my forehead seem to never shrink away, and are always there. I always get pimples on my jawline area, and they take forever to go away. =/ Basically, has tane helped a lot of people? I'm going to the dermatologist in about 2 weeks, and I've been debating whether I should ask for
  6. So for the past couple sessions, I've been going to the derm to get acne surgery, a few coritsone injections, and to top it off, a nice liquid nitrogen cool off. This totals to about $200, and of that, I pay $50. Now, for the last session, Nationwide decided to not pay it - and when I asked them about it.. they said that acne surgery and the cortisone injections were considered cosmetic. However, I do not get why they paid it the first few sessions, and then decided to quit? So I tried appealing
  7. Recently, I signed up for this clinique free trial, where they send you a free 3 step system to improve your acne. I got this today, and I must admit, the sizes are huge.. not to mention, all for free too! =) Now, i'm considering whether I should use it or not. I have sensative combo oily/dry skin.. and I'm scared that if I use these clinique stuff, that it might irritate my skin. I heard that clinique products have high alcohol levels. Hm, what to do. http://i10.ebayimg.com/07/i/000/ae/d7/795
  8. Any side effects to taking fish oil without eating?
  9. You guys can actually get in with your dermatologist that fast? if I want a cortizone shot, i have to wait atleast 4-6 weeks to schedule an appointment and by then.. my cyst would probably be gone. alsooooooooo. does anyone's insurance cover the cort shots?
  10. depends on what type of skin you have (oily,dry,sensative,combo) im all four - but i use purpose and an olive oil wash to help control oilyness. then i apply aloe vera after washing
  11. Ten pills?! That's like.. 1 an hr! Wouldnt my body become dependent on the fish oil pills then?