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  1. What do you think about using Isotretinoin in summer? It could be dangerous?
  2. My own idea. I thougt it was better to stop cause of summer
  3. Hi everyone, probably it was a mistake to start to use Isotretinoin in March... Yes, because I decided to do it three months ago and I thought to stop it at the end of June. I know that the complete therapy should last about six months but I stopped because of Summer. Well, immediately after I stopped to take Isotretinoin I had a big worsening, (even much worser than before to start it!). Why? It's like I never started the therapy, nothing has worked until now? And the situation is even wo
  4. Hi everybody, i am a 28 years old man and i have bad acne since i was teenager. I used 40 mg/day Accutane in 2012 for about 6 months and i was completely cleared for two years. Unfortunately acne cames back since 2014 and i decided to use again Accutane. This time, a doctor told me to use low dosage(10 mg/day) for 12 months, because in this way i should defeat acne forever. I would like to know if someone did the same therapy, 10mg/day, and if had good results. Thanks!