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  1. God minomycin was a nightmare it hardley cleared me up and I was on it for over 6 months and then I was given something called vibra tabs which I cannot even remember what was in them
  2. um you realise that testosterone is what makes you a man so reducing it would have pretty bad effects its what sex change people do. In any case acne is more complicated then just hormones no-one realy understands what causes it
  3. why create panic accutane has been around since 1981 thats almost 24 years
  4. Wow 80 mg seems like a lot!!!! I was lucky to get a derm who had been prescribing the drug since it first came out in 1981 and he showed me all the log books that he used to have to write up while trialling the drug in its infancy. I had to beg to get in to see him cause he was booked out for months in advance but eventually I got an appointment after telling his secretary how depressed I was (kinda exaggerated but you have to sometimes). He started me on a low dose 20mg as he said in his exp
  5. wow if I had listened to this crap I would still be depressed using 5 different products on my face and wishing everyday that i had no new acne on my face.
  6. yeh completely clear its unbelievable. About redness I posted in your other thread. I had terribly stubborn acne (I was 21 when I went on it and am now almost 23) so it really was a godsend.
  7. yeh my back got really bad but started improving at about 5 months and is now clear so just stick it out
  8. man those red marks are I bitch i swear I still had them for over 12 months after Tane simply because on my forehead I had acne upon acne which really deeply stuffed up the skin so in answer it depends how bad your acne is- if its cystic then the marks will take a long time to fade.
  9. guys just came back to the website not having been here for over a year since my acne cleared. I was on accutane 40mg for 7 months and now almost 15 months later the acne hasnt returned. I used to visit this site everyday and its really the only thing that got me through but after trying every topical and tablet accutane was my last resort and after all the negative things I read about Tane I was reluctant to go on it and yet now I cant believe I even hesitated for a second. Now I live my lif
  10. I finished a 7 month course of accutane 6months ago- The ONLY side effect was dry lips and dry skin on my face which was easy to solve be putting lip ointment on a few times a day and mouisturiser. Thats it- I don't what all the fuss is about- you have to remember that people who had good results from Tane just leave and have no reason to come back to these boards so you hardly ever hear the good stories- even I am guilty of that I only have recently returned to these boards sicne going off Tan
  11. Hey man check my PM but didnt know you were going to but it online- I would deffinately not recommend this cause you cant be sure exactly what your getting. I am lucky bacause here in Australia the health system is all susidised so it is relatively cheap. Can you explain how the sytem is over in the UK maybe if you explain to a docter extactky how you are feeling they will be sympathetic and fast track your treatment.
  12. Hey yeh I rekon muscle gaining products are overrated and far to expensive. I too was scared to take anything while on tane but eventually did use the whey protein mix and continue to do so and havent broken out. I was relucatant to use creatine because of all the stories of it breaking people out so I'm not sure who to belive but I didnt think it was worth the risk to do anything that had any chance to beak me out. In any case all creatin does is make your musles hold more water and so they
  13. Yeh switch derms some are pro tane some are anti I dont know why but it just is so just keep switching until u get one who understands that you wanna get rid of this crap once and for all and who will give u accutane
  14. Blistex lip ointment was the best for me- it absorbs into the lips real fast so the shinyness goes away fast