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  1. YES! It is definitely the BP soap. You should NEVER mix BP and a tretinoin. It causes the retinoid to be ineffective and it increases irritation. Chuck the soap immediately and get a non irritating liquid soap. Your skin looks very irritated, and even though it has worked in the past it doesn't mean the soap isn't hurting your skin. Get a gentle wash like Purpose liquid. No bar soap or medicated cleansers. You end up drying your skin and most of the medicine ends up down the drain anyway. Jus
  2. I take it, and it works! I had to go off it for a few weeks a while back and my skin broke out like mad. It prevents the painful cysts and papules I used to get on my cheeks and chin.
  3. I would not do the dip method! Especially if you have to share a sink. It is baloney in my opinion. If warm water could cure my acne then I would never have had acne to begin with. Are you able to see an Army doctor or get someone from home to send you products?
  4. 5 stars Paula's choice 2% BHA liquid Clinique Liquid Soap Mild Pond's Cold Cream (I use it to remove makeup at night, but am sure to wipe off with tissue and cleanse well afterward) 4 stars Clinique 7 day scrub
  5. I would love to have a D cup. I would LOVE it. My mom does, my grandma does. Not me! I am 5'4" with a B cup. Don't want to be taller. You can borrow two inches from me and I will take the boobs thanks.
  6. I have seen plenty of hot guys with acne, redmarks and scarring that I wouldn't mind jumping on.
  7. Hey there. I am a makeup artist and I have gone on tons of corporate interviews. I think colored eyeshadow is too much. For a polished look I would recomend... Pull your hair back into a bun or a low ponytail. Also wear a foundation and and loose power. Some blush on your cheekbones, and a little undereye concealer. Black mascara, and you CAN use a violet or purple liner if you line only the top and make a thin line. A light brown eyeshadow blended into the crease (blend blend blend!) and a
  8. My acne is under control woth paula's choice bha's but if I stopped using it I would be broken out like mad. 24 years old. My sister had a bad breakout at 28...
  9. I would stop using the BS. It changes your skins PH. It is a neutralising agent. If you really need to scrub try a baby brush.