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  1. Darn it, i bought the wrong one. I got the daily care on e with green tea and vitamin E. darnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, it doesn't even have that tree stuff. oh well, i'll get the right one tomorrow, i really hope this helps me out.
  2. I've been doing this for 3 months and it's AMAZING. It didn't really do anything for my body acne, but for my face it did wonders. I have typical Asian skin, it's super oil to begin with but the fish oil made my oily skin better. I never get pimples now, if i do it's only one or two spots not my whole face. The color, the texture, everything about my face feels better.
  3. When it comes to taking pills, I don't trust most places. I like all natural things. So I buy all my junt from iherbs. It all natural herbs, the pricing fits into my low budget, and the shipping is pretty good. I'll type it how it's on my bottle. I take 6 fish oil capsules every day. I take 2 at a time. The bottle says you can take 1-2 at a time, up to 3 times and day. So whatever your size is it could be different. I would recommend starting off small first, let your body adjust to it, then a
  4. I'm 15 right now about to turn 16. I've tried A LOT of things. I'm asian with really oily yet very very gentle skin. I got acne in the 3rd grade, and it sucked. I have it really bad, I would have my parents and family members comment on my skin all the time so trust me I know the struggle. Products that didn't work on me: Retina Micro Proactiv Nature's Natural Cure Neutrogena stuff Most over the counter things Dan Kern's Regimen I could go on but I can't think of anymore. My acne started cl
  5. ok I"ve been on this for about a week now. and it stings like no other. should i be putting on lotion? I have noticed a big improvement. All my bacne just turned into really big brown spots that are drying up and peeling. Should I just let all the dry skin peel off? Is it normal that my back is super dry?
  6. I'm about to shower in 5 minutes, and I was reading on the board. I have quiet a lot of acne on my back and chest. But it's not the white bubble stuff, it's just A LOT of moderate acne. I have both of them in my shower and I was wondering what works better?