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  1. It's probably gone by now, but in case it comes back, you may want to try this: soak a towel in warm water then wring it out and then rub some baking soda into the towel. Add a little more water and rub the baking soda into the towel well, then wipe the itchy area with it. About 30 mins later, if there is still some light itching, do it again. This should leave you itch free for a while.
  2. k, thanks guys. I got a hold of some, but was wondering how much would be ok to use? I still have alot of Cetaphil lotion at the moment, but decided to switch since I was getting really flaky skin. Can I just use the Eucerin once a day with the Cetaphil once a day with the same results? Also, what would be optimal schedule (Eucerin in the morining and Cetaphil in the evening? or vice versa?) if this were true? Thanks.
  3. Is it hard to find a brick and mortar place where this is sold? Can I find it at the local Wal Mart? Thanks.
  4. I just started the regimine 2 days ago, and am getting some itching, maily under my jaw. It isn't that bad, but it is a bit annoying. Should I put more moisturizer there? I started with somewhere along 1.5 fingers worth of BP since I have been using 1/3 finger of 10% BP daily for the past 5 yrs or so. Would that be too much?