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  1. Day 7 (End of week 1) End of Week 1, also post acne extraction with my derma. I went to the derma and she was like "Woah your pimples are all out" and I'm like "really?". Turned out thats exactly what she wanted so she can extract everything. You should have seen the horror in my face since. I was terrified since my face is really sensitive. I can't event touch it. Anyways, we went through with the procedure and I have to say, it was the worste feeling ever. I can feel every little pressure sh
  2. Frustrated! I wanted to feel good. I tried to feel better but I just can't.
  3. Day 6 I decided to write my log here instead of a blog. Some pustules dried up. Some pop out while I shower this morning. Still a bad day but I'm feeling positive today because I'm meeting my doctor again. Some pimples are ressurecting which sucks uhg! I'll try to get some sleep first to prevent myself from picking my pimples. I'm finally feeling a lot better now. Probably because I'm just home and missed work again. My boss is going to kill me. Or worse lose my job. I really hope things will
  4. I'm on my 5th day on acnetrex and my face is suddenly covered with pustules. I'm not sure if this is normal coz i never had this much pustules. It's so ugly. Please anyone who experience the same thing I'm going through right now. I scheduled an appointment with my doctor tomorrow which mean I'm going to miss work again. I can't go to work like this.
  5. I had a breakout just a month a ago and it changed my life a lot. I am currently using all my resources and energy to fix it. I went to a dermatologist where celebrities go and they gave me a plan that would basically squeeze every single penny from me. Here is what I'm doing right now. - 40gm/day Acnetrex (Isotretinoin) - IPL Acne - laser treatment - Acne Facials - Acne Facial Gel - Salacilic Acid with Benzoil Peroxide - Acne Healing Toner - Salacilic acid with Clyndamycine - Benzoil P
  6. I have been struggling with my acne for a month now and it's affecting my job. Aside from calling in sick for two weeks because of bad breakout, I'm having a hard time focusing with my tasks. I'm still working on how to get over it. Any suggestions? Feel free to msg. me. I'm just new here.
  7. I know exactly how you free bro. A month ago, I was travelling, partying and doing sports but my life flips just like that after I suffered acne breakout. Now, all I do is work and go home. I've been to 3 dermatologist already, I tried oral antibiotics, IPL and now I'm on accutane. I swear, I'm on the lowest point of my life right now. I feel like quitting my job but I just can't because of all the bills and stuff. I feel like everyone around me is looking at my face. Now that I am trying a