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  1. DAY 28: It's been a while! Ok an update - My period came a couple days ago and oh my gooooshhh the pill has helped so much. In the past, my period would last about 5 days (which wasn't even that bad to begin with, I know), and the cramps would be so bad I would skip school to stay at home, lay in bed and cry. Anyway, this month, my period lasted around 4 days (it was pretty much gone by the end of day 3 but day 4 had slight spotting) and .. the icing on the cake.. I HAD NO CRAMPS! - With my
  2. DAY 16 - No active pimples on my face right now (fingers crossed it stays that way < wishful thinking). ^ NOTE: this is a very big improvement for me and I'm very excited to report this! Let's just hope this positive progress continues. - George got very big and angry.. and popped in the shower. I know I should've just left it but I was being stupid.. so now I'm dealing with a scab that is in the process of flaking off (rip George.. you will not be missed) - I
  3. Hi everyone! Okay so this is going to be me documenting my acne journey.. with the help of birth control! I'm someone who likes to ramble quite a bit so sorry in advance. Background - My acne began when I was 13. It started off as quite a lot of pimples (small whiteheads) around the forehead. I think this could have been attributed to my very dramatic side fringe that covered practically half my face (we all had those, right?). When I got rid of the fringe, my acne cleared immediately. So t