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  1. I didn't have bad skin but when I went on Birth control for a month I began getting cysts in my chin now I've stopped the pill and skin seems to be back to how it was before. How did you all cope?
  2. valliefy



    Helps prevent hormonal breakouts since it is anti-androgenic. It gives you energy and is full of anti oxidants. Amazing!
  3. Believe me when I say this works especially for Hormonal Acne

    A few years ago I suffered from serious breakouts on my chin and I bought DIM Plus by Nature's Way. Within a month or two my spots cleared up and after a year or so of taking the product my pimples never came back. I am on the pill now so I am back to using it as it helps ease some small breakouts which occur. It's fantastic.
  4. valliefy



    I use Pure Gold Manuka Honey 18 + - What I do is in the evening I put it on a problem area on my face and I leave it on for maybe half an hour and then I get a towel with warm water and gently dab it on my face. The results are extraordinary. First of all it leaves the skin moisturised and soft second of all it removes redness. I had a spot on my chin which was really annoying me I slept with Manuka honey on it and the next morning it went down dramatically. I definitely recommend this.