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  1. Has anyone with dark brown/black hair experienced bleaching of the eyebrows or hairline? I've been using a 4% BP face wash (PanOxyl) and have not noticed any bleaching of my black hair, but have been told PanOxyl products don't bleach... not sure if that's true, I do know however that not all people with dark hair are affected by hair lightening. Mostly afraid that the over-night application as opposed to my usual quick wash would lead to my eyebrows changing color.. Any advice would be reall
  2. Hi, so I've been struggling with moderate acne consistently for a year now and recently started seeing a dermatologist to work on clearing it up. I was prescribed a 0.1% Differin cream and 100mg Doxycycline to be taken orally. After reading so many horror stories about Differin and the initial breakouts, which can last up to 3 months, I've become so scared to try it! While my derm told me that irritation is common she largely dismissed the idea of an initial breakout and its severity... so