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  1. I got hold of the normal dermatologist reception and asked as I was trying to get through to the question line for like a week, but they couldn't give me the answer to weather I have to be on the pill or not and said they'd get a dermatologist to contact me, I never got a phonecall back.. this was about 2 weeks ago-_-. ah I see, I might just tell them I've been taking it for a month so they'll let me start, then I'll book an appointment with a nurse sometime this month and talk about other forms
  2. thank you!! And well, at the time when she said about taking the pill i was so excited to get on roaccutane i was just thinking "just go on the contracepive pill and get it over with" but after i thought about it and i really don't want a drug as strong as roaccutane as well as the pill in my body at the same time..:/ i looked on the nhs website and it says you HAVE to be on 2 forms of Contraception so i didnt ask about it at my appointment, i did actually try to call the derm line number given
  3. Hey, Okay so I finally got referred to a dermatologist after years of trying to clear my skin,although I had to wait 6 months for an appointment (on the NHS), I went and saw a dermatologist last month. straight away, she recommended isotretinoin (accutane) to me,which I was over the moon about! At my appointment, she gave me the form to get a blood test done ect, which came back all okay. She also told me i would have to take a pregnancy test but it wasn't very well explained. Does anyone