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  1. I actually just try to get it as close to the lash line as possible from underneath. It can be really terrible to wear eyeliner on your waterline because it can cause huge irritation if it gets in your eyes. The reason I am so opposed is because there are so few people who can pull it off. The object of eyeliner is to make the lashes look fuller, not make the eyes look smaller, which wearing in above your bottom lashes can do. So if you apply it under your lower lash line SPARINGLY, it will
  2. Okay, I just wanted to post a picture so you would understand what I meant by pull your lids taught, because that could have been confusing.
  3. Amanda, I agree about this one... but I can't do without a curved brush. The day Covergirl starts making this with a curved brush I will be right there with you.
  4. Kim this was a great post. I definitely agree about having the right state of mind when starting the regimen, and making sure you follow it precisely and remain consistent with treatment.
  5. Okay, here's something I can really speak to. I have searched high and low for the perfect mascara. This is the one that I have found, if applied correctly (women should really be required to take a class in mascara application if they're going to wear it bc I see TOO many people walking down the street with TERRIBLE mascara) is really very long-lasting. This isn't waterproof, but it is GREAT. I highly recommend CoverGirl Fantastic Lash with a curved brush. This can be found at most drug st
  6. I wear a light concealer only on problem areas and use a Becca brush. I recommend these to anyone looking for a great brush.
  7. I began using this regimen a few days ago. I used Head and Shoulders Classic Clean 2 in 1. So far my skin seems a lot smoother and no new breakouts have appeared. I do not have very sensitive skin on my back or shoulders where I have breakouts, so was able to leave it on over night. I also washed my face with it after my normal cleanser, then applied a little more lotion then I normally would. After my shower I have simply applied the Head and Shoulders as if it were a body lotion (bear i