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  1. Sorry I've only been updating once a month. I'll try to get on here a little more. I just picked up my third month of accutane the other day! So yay for that! My labs are getting worse however. My white blood count is now low(please don't let that scare anyone away). That has always been low for me but it has now dropped below the normal level which my doctor said can happen while taking accutane. Unfortunately because of this, she won't increase my dosage which could now cause my treatment to
  2. It's been a few weeks since I posted. Sorry, gotta love hectic schedules! But so far so good! I picked up my second month of accutane today and let me first just say I am so happy that I am already done with one month! That went by quick, thank goodness. My blood work all came back good however all of them have elevated some. They're still in the normal range but they did increase since before I started the treatment. My doctor also decided to keep me on 40mg since I'm responding well to it. As
  3. krs1994

    Day 7

    I know. I guess I'm just super impatient and want results like now lol. But my acne is pretty severe. Not as bad as some that I've seen but my cheeks are pretty severe. And it's been just like a normal breakout. Thankfully though it's already starting to clear up! So at least it doesn't last too long. Good luck!!! I know I'm late replying so you've probably already started but don't be too nervous. Honestly I'm feeling fine. Everything is getting dryer and dryer as the days go by but that's th
  4. krs1994

    Day 7

    Today marks day 7 and my skin is just getting dryer everyday. My face especially is getting dry on my chin and nose. I'm also going into the initial breakout stage of the medication which is just oh so wonderful. I'm so glad I just have finals this week then I go on spring break so I don't have to see too many people right now. Hopefully when I get back from spring break things will start looking better and clearing up a little. I know I still have a long ways to go but right now I'm just doubti
  5. I'm on 40mg. And yeah my skin is EXTREMELY oily normally so I was surprised to see that it's starting to dry out this early.
  6. It seems as though the dryness side effect has hit me earlier than most. My eyes have been extremely dry since Monday afternoon and now my hands and face have started getting really dry, especially my hands. I'm definitely not even going to attempt to wear my contacts so they don't irritate my eyes even more. I've also been using chapstick and vaseline religiously so I haven't had an issue with dry lips but I'm sure that will hit me soon. I haven't noticed any difference in my face which is to b
  7. krs1994

    Day 0

    Hey! Thanks so much! I'll definitely check in on your blog as well! I'm happy to hear your friend has flawless skin now. That makes me feel a little better about being on such a high dose. I'm just worried about the side effects. I've noticed that the higher the dose, the more intense the side effects(not to scare you or anything!) Of course everyone's bodies react differently so we'll see. Also on a side note, I'm assuming your username is your actual name. My name is Katie as well!
  8. krs1994

    Day 0

    After about 10 years of dealing with severe acne, I am finally starting accutane. I did more research than anyone could imagine before beginning this process and reading everyone's stories helped me a lot so I thought I'd create a log for my journey as well to help anyone else whether they're starting the medication now or in the future. Just to start, I am 21, about 100-110 lbs(my weight fluctuates a lot on a day to day basis) and 5'4. The doctor is starting me off at 40mg, which seems extre