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  1. Hi - I just started this regimen and had some questions? Thanks
  2. Hello - did this work for you? Just started only water washing and I want to rip my face off LOL!
  3. livduke

    Give it a chance.

    Give it a chance.

    I have the most sensitive skin in the world. It is acne prone, for the last 2 years at least. I was only washing my face with coconut oil and that was doing alright. As an athlete I sweat a lot and I needed something to clean more. If you are looking for something to clean your face, this is it. It is fragrance free, and as someone who can't even do a light fragrance, this wash is amazing. I have oily skin, and I do NOT need a moisturizer after using this. I am allergic to Salycilic Acid, and mo
  4. I've been working on fighting my acne naturally, because the products and medications given to me by my Dr. burned my face off. I have read a lot of success stories with Colloidal silver, any one have anything they wanna share? I have acne on my forehand only.
  5. I just use coconut oil as a wash/moisturizer, and then a tea tree oil toner/essential oil mix i had made for me by a past acne sufferer. I actually did, and it burned my skin for some reason. I had bloodshot eyes and my face was beat red for about a week.
  6. Alright, I feel like I've tried almost everything. I have really sensitive pale skin, which has acne on the forehead. I am a dancer so I sweat a lot, which makes me want to really find a good face wash that helps my acne AND cleans my pores. I have used pure salicylic acid (from a doctor), Clean & clear, Mario Badescu, Pure honey, Baking soda mixed with coconut oil, and Cera Ve. I've recently been told to wash my face with only coconut oil. Any thought? I have combination skin that is more o
  7. I have moderate acne, where my face just as a couple of white heads, and the rest are just red dots. I use honey as a face wash, and drink a lot of water and green tea. No caffeine for me. I take vitamin e and fish oil, but lately it hasn't gotten where i want my face to be. I used to wear bare minerals face makeup, then stopped for a year (still had clear skin). Im thinking i should start back up, because my face is bad, and minerals are good for your face. Any thoughts???
  8. Just recently I had a bad flare up with my acne. it was LITERALLY one day i woke up with it, i even have a picture from the day before: clear. I had great skin grown up. I am 17. I haven't worn foundation in a year(which didnt effect me at al when i stopped back then), and because of the flare up i started to again. It was bare minerals so i didn't think it would do that much damage. I went to the dermatologist and they gave me minocycline, retin A and onexton. They all burned my face. I have su