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  1. I have literally had several of these pink/red acne marks for a good 2 years, at least. Everywhere i read it says they WILL fade with time but i am starting to believe that's bs and these are permanent. My marks stretch from near my mouth to the upper-side cheeks on both sides of my face. I have fair skin and i have a face lotion with 30 SPF that i use everyday. (but i dont go out into the sun much anyway) I have used lemon juice, taken vitamin C(and i still do), tried tretinoin and philoso
  2. Welp i've gone through half a tube and its been a few months since i posted on here. Unfortunately it seems the tretinoin is not working for my PIE marks. This sucks incredibly, it seems there is no other option but to go for the expensive laser treatments. Ugh i was so hoping it would have worked for my marks. :\
  3. RIght now i'm using clinique stay matte makeup and it has decent coverage but it doesn't completely cover my red marks, i can still see several of them. Does anyone know of a makeup to cover red marks better? (I have fair & oily skin btw)
  4. Changes in the skin or acne? Not sure but i used to use aczone and avar e creams for my face and they worked wonderfully the first few months then all of a sudden it stopped working.
  5. It's called micro-needling, i remembered the name I'm not breaking out, i may get one or two pimples but they are tiny and don't leave marks behind so that's not an issue anymore. Having a hard time believing what people say considering i've read reviews on retinA and some people said their marks faded. Also VitC helps reduce inflammation so in a way it does help marks by preventing them.
  6. I use vanicream cleansing bar, its made for sensitive skin. I like it alot, its soft and feels lotiony. But you'll need to put on a moisturizer afterwards like always.
  7. I use cetaphil oil control moisturizer with 30 SPF, my dermatologist recommended CeraVE moisturizer, she said it has good ingredients in it for renewing skin but my cetaphil was 14$ so i'm not throwing it away for an 11$ bottle. No problems for me using it but not sure it helps any since my face already get's oily..
  8. I've been trying to find solutions for my red marks (i've included pictures, 2 with camera flash one w/o) I'm pretty sure it's post inflammatory erythema since they are all red/pinkish color. Some of these marks i've had for years and nothing seems to make them fade. But i will say finally some on my cheeks started fading a while back but seemed to have stopped. I've tried Vitamin C (topical and oral 500MGx2) and currently am on Tretinoin 0.04% gel but i haven't seen any improvement (ive used it
  9. Mines PIE, post inflammatory erythema. Reading all these reviews are killing my confidence in getting rid of these marks. I've had them for so long, i feel like nothings working! Laser treatments are too expensive for me and i've heard bad reviews of them. Ugh i hate these marks so much i feel like they are never going to disappear.
  10. I'm using .04% and haven't seen any improvement in my marks in the month i've been using it. For long time users has it helped clear your marks? I fear i'm going to have these marks forever :(
  11. I've always noticed this every day when i get up and look in the mirror my marks look so faded and by nighttime they are very red. Any explanation for it? It's very annoying since it makes me think my face is getting better only to see it at night all red again.
  12. I've had acne for years but my main problem has always been acne marks, i have a lot of them on my lower face (cheeks/sides of mouth/under chin). Been to the dermatologist several times, but she always wanted to treat my acne first before getting to the marks.(The marks have always bothered me more than pimples since i had more) Recently ive been put on Tretinoin microsphere .04% and Clindamycin phosphate 1% topical lotion. I would say the clindamycin has definitely helped stop my break outs as
  13. Decent product

    Currently suffering from mostly acne marks, but i still have a few pimples. Am 22 now and have had acne for years, the last 4 years i've been getting a ton of leftover acne marks. My acne marks are on my lower face (cheeks/sides of mouth & under my chin) My dermatologist prescribed me Tretinoin microsphere .04% and clindamycin phosphate topical lotion 1%. Been on it for almost a month now (i use tret every other night and clind every morning), only change i've seen is my skin has gotten smoo