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  1. So far nothing's changed guys... wow my skin really is fucked
  2. Why would this be directed towards you? Obviously I put it on here as I thought it would be helpful. I was the one who started this thread, because I wanted to reach out to others going through the same thing? I wanted to try and FIND a solution. Don't tell me I'm the one who's got an attitude? Yes, I saw your pictures. I was in the process of replying to you . I quote @comfycozy2 "I didn't even read her last message to me in that thread tbh". Whats that supposed to mean? it blatantly tells
  3. Wow... I only put it on here as I thought other users would find it helpful. Jeez. I give up
  4. Hey guys, I thought I'd share this bit of research I found on the net. This is from someone who has got rid of their orange peel texture once and for all. Has anyone heard about this? Keen to investigate the products they used and see if it may actually work.
  5. Could you please send links to the products/where you got them from. I'm very interested and open to trying new things, however it does annoy me how much god damn money I spend on skincare only to find it doesn't work and money goes down the drain. Im getting really upset over this condition now because things I thought were helping me still haven't got RID of it. THATS ALL I WANT, FOR ALL OF US
  6. Ahhh I'm so glad you've found something that is working for you!! And you use The Ordinary products!! YESSSS. Funnily enough, right before I came to check my notifications I ordered some more niacinimiade and The azaleic acid suspension you just talked about!! I THINK I MAY HAVE FOUND SOMETHING THAT WORKS TOO!!! Talking about building up the barrier of our skin and hydrating it because of the damaged caused...I honestly think niacinamide is the way forward. I've been using it for a couple m
  7. *bump* Has anyone solved this??? Anyone????? I don't think I can cope much longer. Everything I have currently been doing just seems to be doing NOTHING to help me.
  8. Coming from a person who has experienced this orange-peel like texture for over two years, it doesn't just go away. I can tell you that. We have essentially damaged our skin due to being overly abrasive and using harsh products. It can happen for a number of different reasons but it doesn't just go away overnight. I'm 17 and have been trying to get rid of it for over 2 years!!! Leaving your face alone won't do it any justice because it will stay like that...the healing process is..well, non e
  9. A few people have tried retinol as a treatment. It varies between people and there's lots of things such as retin a (which damaged my skin) retinoids etc. Going down this route is totally up to you but ultimately you will need to remember your own specific skin type and how it reacts to things. I would research a bit so you can have an understanding for how it will effect your specific skin type (which is, what?) You never know until you try it though. But, it can have consequences. For insta
  10. I don't know how much longer I can deal with this guys...
  11. It didn't work, & I developed side effects. Wouldn't recommend.

    Been on this for a while (roughly 7/8 months). Didn't experience any major side effects like others did...however some things have been happening to me which now make a lot of sense. I was prescribed this for the texture of my skin. It has been damaged by acne and other topicals causing an unsightly uneven texture, 'Orange peel skin' aka horrible enlarged pores. I didn't really notice any side effects at first. However when I stopped using the treatment after like 3 months, I'd get little ye
  12. I disagree with you. My skin has been damaged as there are parts of my face like my jawline and upper cheekbones that haven't got these large pores. If it was genetic I would 100% believe the pores wouldn't be as big as they are now. I said how I experienced a burning sensation on my face from a retin a. From that day on, my skin has been a mess. Before that, large pores were not a problem. I totally believe it is a side effect of acne I've had in the past. Diet doesn't come into it for me. It w
  13. Is this stuff okay to use even if you don't really have dry skin? My skin texture is appalling, I made a post about it on here which you may have seen (photos attached) http://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/365823-orange-peel-skin-disaster-w-pictures/?page=1 as myself and @BrokenPorEcelain have been dealing with the same issue. Thankyou!
  14. Yes I have been very gentle. No spots or acne outbreaks, just scars. Skin texture still the same though:( seriously getting fed up now. Took Tetracycline for about 1 and a half months and didn't see much progress. Just got my next batch so will continue as I've heard can take a while to notice a change. Still very miserable in regards to this awful skin texture though. Gets me down daily