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  1. i gained just over a stone. i've been of for nearly a year now and no matter how hard i've worked, i havnt been able to shift it. i feel disgusting for it at the moment. sorry pal. saying that, i know a lot of people do manage to loose it.
  2. I had a conversation a while ago with a member from this board and we were both saying how we love to be awake at night when everyone else is asleep and you can just mill about the house and watch tv and eat and no one even knows youre doing it. Reading that thread on "are you a loner" has just made me think about it again. I have no idea why i do it or why i like it. Any psychologists out there have any ideas? Does anyone else do this?
  3. All my friends are quite attention seeking, especially when it comes to men. I think theyre quite insecure and they over compensate for it by faking confidence. When i was on holiday, they were all pole dancing and one of them comes up to me and goes "whats wrong you look shy and unconfident". !!!!!!!!!! i was like why cause i dont feel the need to swing around a pole to gain every guy in the rooms attention. arhg it really annoyed me, if i was shy and unconfident, what efect did she think sh
  4. i knew that site contained lots of scary stuff and so i refused to read it. im 6th months in and as far as i know, im fine. ive done some bad things whilst on tane: got drunk 3 or 4 times etc. I really wouldnt worry.
  5. lilly your derm shouldnt take you off if youre not clear yet. When you next go back she'll probably give you a couple more months. Its what mine did and then she gave me an extra month cause i was worried about coming off the med. Explain to your derm how you feel. Most likely he/she will be understanding.
  6. are they okay to take together? i forgot to ask my doc when he prescribed them Answers would be greatly appreciated! thanks.
  7. i love my alone time and always have done. It gives me time to think (some say dwell) about stuff and understand it and -sounds cheesy- but understand myself. You gotta give alone time its credit, i really do know myself because i analyse everything i do, i dont get swept along in the moment. On the other hand, i also love going out and seeing my friends, having fun. You cant take life too seriously after all. Meh, i think i have a balance: everything in moderation.
  8. me too... kind of drowned out by the side effects of the roaccutane and the worry that it might come back when i finish though. eeek.
  9. if youre in england only derms can prescribe roaccutane so get a referral from your doc to a derm. My mistake was not even knowing about derms and trusting that my doctors were doing the right thing and actually they were fobbing me off with stuff. So get someone who knows what they are doing. chances are if youve only used bp and been on one type of antibiotic, a derm or doc will want to try you on different types for a while to see if they make a any difference. Get on the case soon cause the
  10. im starting to regret going on this drug now i was going to say maybe its because youre always shedding skin on accutane (dry skin) that none stays long enough to be tanned? but if its happening months after...
  11. oh no :( im not clear at 5 months
  12. thanks ive really broken out this week. my skin hasnt been this bad since i started tane. I literally have only 1-2 NEW spots but i have 4 of the most stbborn ones in the process of working their way out. They have been there since the start of my treatment and months prior to that too. they look disgusting, spread all across my cheeks. I have a job interview tomorrow aswel. Great. mm8, i hope this does clear me im so so so worried that its not going to. Dont get me wrong, my skin has made M
  13. um whilst it may work its probably not a good idea because your liver enzymes arent supposed to be that high. I understand the desperation though
  14. i went to the derm on monday thnkig i only had a week left but because im not clear yet she didnt want to take me off it so she gave me an extra month so i thought okay i can handle that. THEN she said "are you nervous about coing off it?" so i said well yeah because what if it comes back etc. (i though this would be quite a normal feeling?) so then she said well we'll go for 2 extra months then. Which was kind of nice of her really. i dont thnk i can take 2 extra months . My back was so painfu