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  1. thanks for your honest responses, and sorry about the weird as pictures cos when i took them i didn't plan on posting them online, took those pictures purely for just looking at skin. so it's really just simply my bone structure which makes me look older, even if i had clear skin i will still look 28-30? i see some males who have a chiseled face but still look young. how bad would u guys rate my scars?
  2. Hi all,Hope you are well. I am feeling very down because of my skin. I always have people thinking i'm 30 but i'm actually 20. I don't know why but the overall quality of skin is just soo bad.I've had severe acne for approx 4 years. 3 months ago i finally started accutane. I've currently taken accutane for 3.5months with minimal improvement. Dosage 0-1.5 months - 10mg1.5-2.5 months - 20mg2.5-3.5 months - 30mg3.5 > months - 40mg (will stay on that for the rest of the course, or may