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  1. This is really cool information.. I recently went on a diet on my own and just introduced a lot of greens to my diet which i have to admit i dont have enough of.. I have completely gone off my chocolates which is the main main reason why i was getting breakouts so bad and also processed meats.. Im interested to see my results with diet aand epiduo.. Hopefully i will gwt good results from them..
  2. Tiamax


    I'm currently using epiduo.. Can i ask, how long were you on it before it just didn't work for you? I was told 6 months is meant to be a good "purging" time.. And so far my skin is killing me.. I have started burning so I may have to decrease my dosage to every 2 days.. I Dont know. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. Tiamax

    Day 12

    I am going through the same thing!! Stick it through because you're not alone.. Just on another note your skin honestly doesn't even look bad at all!! Stay positive!!
  4. So as mentioned before I have been given epiduo from my Dr.. I started this last Monday and these are my results so far.. My right cheek is probably the worst place where i have been experiencing breakous the most pre treatment wise anyways.. So far my skin is definitely purging.. I started out with using epiduo everyday but until day 5 i decided to use it every second day and use just plain moisturiser in between to keep my skin from too much damage.. Im not new to retin a but this stuff is
  5. My name is tiamax but call me Max, yes I am a girl. So my acne story is pretty simple.. In high school i had pretty good skin, too good, i would get a pimple here and there and back then i thought i had acne.. Um.. I couldnt have been more wrong, especially with what my skin looks like now.. I got pregnant at 19, sah reckless of me, but suprisingly my skin was flawless throughtout!! When i delivered my awesome genetics i decided to go on the pill and went on yasmin, this is probably the
  6. Wow!! I agree! Do not use other treatments while on accutane! Especially a peel!, make sure you're using sunscreen everyday and if anything use something hydrating on your skin!! If you irritate your skin your breakouts will actually get worse.. Some people dont actually believe in the purging phase but to me it rings true.. Youre not going to see results overnight.. I know it's frustrating but give it time.. Drink lots of water, incorporate a healthy eating routine!! Hydrate and protect your