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  1. Just applied sudacrem.. Oh my gosh the relief! My face felt sore and itchy but with sudacrem it feels nice and relaxed .. I dont have cystic acne i have acne all over face but its small not large bumps my doctir says an infection im on erythromycin but if you have sore acne and just need a night of relief try sudacrem! Not sure what its like long term but ill definetly be adding it in now ans again to relaxits so soothing!

    1. Yes your skin will stop feeling tight soon it takes time for it to get used to the benzoyl! That's brilliant you've not had any new ones! Keep focused! Better skin awaits!
    2. Hi Betsy Wow I can't believe it's been 2 months since I first posted. The acnecide continues too work well and I'm really glad you've decided to go with it! It really works at clearing the acne fast. Well by fast I mean about 4 months for me but that's fast in the world of acne! Start by just using Cetaphil cleanser and applying this to your face with cotton wool when you feel your face has been cleaned then wet a cotton wool with lukewarm water and go over your face with that to make sure th
    3. Hi Sophia, Yeh this site is great I've only just joined myself, thanks to Acnecide my skin is slowly on its way to being fully clear again! Yey! Lol and I wanted to share this with people because I know how low acne has made me feel. And I know everyone's skin is different and everyone's acne is for different reasons but hey any things worth a try when finding a trearment! Acnecide is amazing and I'm so glad your trying it. Okay so I used the acnecide on my whole face twice a day, they say y
    4. Have you tried acnecide? That's what helped me.
    5. Hi I recently got told I had mild - moderate acne, I have been using acnecide for about 3 months and experienced massive improvement! However I have red marks on my cheeks too.. so I went back to the doctors recently, she told me they would gradually fade over time and it's been 4 weeks since seeing her, i can see they are now fading slowly, it looks like you have acne similar to what mine was like in November before I started acnecide treatment. I can't applaud it enough. But as for the red ma
    6. It's great to see others have had such a good experience with Acnecide - me too! Still a little way to go but it's a great product! Minus the slight dryness but hey ho!
    7. I'm a 22 year old who has had always had clear skin. Along came adult acne. Stil not got the faintest idea what brought it on? I eventually got bored and stressed out trying to find out the reason. It came about last August 2015, and got worse, after trying tea tree, dermalogica products, natural products, the list goes on... i finally caved in and went to the doctors who said I had mild to moderate acne and put me on acnecide (5% benzoyl peroxide). Its now March 2016 and I've only been u