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  1. how often did you change your pillow cases. and how did you force yourself to sleep on you back? I always try to sleep on my back, but wake up on my side.... oh well thanks
  2. you only need a very small amount of iodine over a year to prevent goiters. I think its like 1 teaspoons worth. people who get goiters live in third world countries where they have nothing with iodine in it. there really is no need to take it as a supplement as long as you eat something with salt a few times a year.
  3. yes I use GNC womens mega ultra and it has cleared me up dramatically, I'll highly recommend that one. but I use the one that has iodine.
  4. as I understand it, 2500 is the minimum that your body needs. 5000 won't hurt you. if you are preganant or breastfeeding, don't go over 5000 as this can put you at risk for birth defects like accutane. I don't know how much UI is in accutance, but I've seen posts saying you would need over 400,000 UI to get near accutane level. I took 10,000 UI daily for a while and did not see any difference
  5. wow! I really can't say that I know too much about all that scientific stuff, but I will add my own experience. a few years ago I lived off of soda, got it for free at work, drank it all day, never drank any water. I felt tired all the time, acne was at it's worst, had diarhea, etc, etc. so I tried to change something. I went for week replacing my soda intake with water, and I felt more awake and did see improvement in my complexion. that tailed off after about a month. Now I drink 3-4
  6. Vitamin A (just like Accutane) can be very dangerous for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. the daily RDA of vitamin a is around 3,000-5,000 ui and in most vitamin a supplements much of that will be in the form of Beta-Carotene. It is impossible to overdose on Beta-Carotene - your body will convert this into Vitamin A as it needs it - but you would not get anywhere near Accutane levels this way. there are pure vitamin A supplements OTC, most are from fish liver oils, I've heard it recom
  7. LOL! funniest site ever! where's that benkweller when you need him? the women are obviously wearing makeup. I wouldn't be suprised if the other photos were touched up. I especially like the part where you have a 3-5 HOUR consultation and your payment depends on the size of your nose. """"First few weeks (1- 1.5 months for men and up to 2 months for women) procedures are painful, you will experience burning sensation in the affected areas. The payment for your treatment depends on some cha
  8. Jimmy, I don't think you need to stress over things like that. the main concept behind this is water/fluids can dilute the stuff that your body is trying to get out of your meals. The shake has a purpose and its probably more important to get that into your body than to worry about how that shake might be diluting something else you ate. This isn't something thats going to completely cure acne, so it doesn't need to be followed incredibly strictly. you can still have soups and liquids at
  9. I don't think TOO MUCH would harm you, but I beleive there is a point where it won't do you any additional good and you will just be pissing it right back out. I think it's better for your body to have a steady intake of water all day long, not just all at once. If you drink a half liter (small bottle) every 3-4 hours that is probably all you body needs. and I suggest people who drink soda or alchohol should drink additional water to balance out those. and people who exercise or are active
  10. WATER HELPS EVERYTHING!!!! some people see more change than others The change you will see depends on what you used to drink. I went from drinking a 6-pack of coke a day and no water to drinking 4 bottles of water a day and only 1 soda I saw a BIG IMPROVEMENT!!! of course, if you're already drinking lots of water, drinking twice that won't make much of a difference to you.
  11. I use scotch packaging tape to peel off dead skin cells - it really does work. I recommend doing it daily for a week and then not do it for the next week to give your skin a chance to heal back, then repeat - this does miracles for red spots As far as leaving the tape on overnight, I can see good reasons and bad. of course your skin would not get the oxygen it needs and some bacteria is always in your skin, but it would also keep other nastly stuff out. It might be good though if you have so
  12. He basically says to do a 3 day fast and eat nothing but apples and water, and to do an enema at the end of each day.
  13. my sister uses st ives apricot scrub, she loves it! I use clean and clear morning burst cuz it has some vitamin c in it too. I also do the "tape" method every now and then and I think it has helped some with the red marks.
  14. I also had a severe cold sore virus/outbreak right after i started accutane. my derm thought it was coincidence, but I think it was cuz the accutane lowered my immune system.
  15. Theres the answer! Lets all get FAT! Seriously though, acne is one of those things that is not all caused by one thing. bad diet does not mean you will be fat (i eat crap and I'm skinny) Being Fat does not mean you have a bad diet (for some its genetics) a good diet and exercise might help reduce acne in some people but is not a cure you can't just look at one thing