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  1. uncleadam80

    Laser Hair Removal - Male Beard

    I had my full face done too - everything i think i've gone for about 8 sessions, but i think i need to stop for a while so i can get started on accutane. i'm not sure if the laser hair treatment caused my acne or if its just a coincidence. i would say that my facial hair grows back at about 50% what it used to and is uneven in certain spots. i think i regret ever getting started with it to be honest with you i'd love to hear more people chime in on this...
  2. uncleadam80

    Here I go...

    Accutane Journey starting in a few days...
  3. uncleadam80

    My first post :)

    Hello everyone, My name is Adam and i've been monitoring this board for about a year now. I've have moderate acne for about 2-3 years now, and i'm extremely frustrated with the way that it's affected my life. I'm a 26yr old, white male, about 170 lbs, fair skin. I always had a lot of confidence, but acne has really affected my ability to be happy and do alot of things i enjoy doing. I've been to numerous dermatologists over the years, and i'm so tired of them trying everything BUT accutane.