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    1. beautifulambition

      Anyone Have Scars Like Me ?

      @Sibel your wearing me out today. I am trying to help. Please goto any other Dr in London after Chu does your subcision and the swelling goes down and get filler done or if they do subcision then go there any have everything done by one Dr. Goto to some plastics for multiple consultations about what is going on. This is not most acne scar cases I help daily and they are quite severe, again we have other factors here. You are right, your skin is damaged ie. see post with pictures. We cannot
    2. beautifulambition

      Scars still red after 20 years. what do ?

      @link626 Subcision and filler Many treatments. Scars treatment is customized. If you wish to post a picture with directional lighting (flashlight), I can try to best help. Reds are treated with vascular laser.
    3. beautifulambition

      Anyone Have Scars Like Me ?

      @Sibel @floridagirl1991 No response is necessary to my post here.... I am happy for you both to have a ongoing conversations. I see the potential this post can become a nothing works thread which is just not true. Read Sibel's Post - thread, Floridagirl if you wish, complicated case. Perhaps you both can support each other. But I need to remind everyone as I said above on this post we are all unique. You both are not the same age, ethic background, ...nor do you have
    4. beautifulambition

      Long battle, going to Pr.Chu, your help needed

      @Sibel I posted the below to Umar, hope you don't mind if I place it here as it applies to your case. That is a bit strange on stop reading that crap, ... you know your skin better than anyone. If you heal poorly or are sensitive why do something that will cause harm to yourself. Your like 1% to him of patients with side effects, ... why re-invent the wheel. Just know what you want when you goto him and don't get what you don't. 3mm microneedling can cause fat loss and damage to skin, we
    5. beautifulambition

      What is the problem with my skin?

      @firefish Thank you for your kind understanding, I get so many PM's a day of people to help. I would cancel rf needling. Again back to the analogy. Do we pave a road or resurface it before dealing with the potholes and raising them as much as possible. You must do the pre-work of Subcision (possibly 8 of them), and some Sculptra or HA filler to get things raised. I know you tried sub in the past, ... reasons above why it failed. ""More Filler,"" you have severe fat loss. Then worry ab
    6. beautifulambition

      Subcision after care to prevent hematoma/lumps

      @CleanSlate Rf microneedling is like a laser without damaging the epidermis like a laser with energy, hence insulated tips. Thus it's safe for ethnic skin types. One has to do prior work before doing it, we don't pave a road before the manual work has been done to fill those potholes as much as possible. Manual microneedling is well manual, slow process, and for some if they heal poorly or have sensitivity can make the scars worse. You know your skin best. If you do fine with microneedling
    7. beautifulambition

      Best micro-needling device for at home

      ""Derminator"", there is a whole long mega-post about microneedling at the top of the scar treatments sub.
    8. @Umar99 I choose not to battle Chu (Some say:“tomayto, tomahto”). He is prestigious in his 10 year as a professor and dermatologist. If he chooses to ignore a scar type, call it something different, or says you mainly have XYZ scar type so be it. I feel it's unproductive to challenge him. Let him do his package for scars. He has done this treatment for years. IF you need further treatment after several you can go elsewhere for energy devices and or filler. He is good at what he does, ... the bas
    9. beautifulambition

      Hyperpigmentation / Redness from RF Microneedling

      @grandor Hi there, tough subject, ... I realize your post was mainly made in frustration. RF needling is like a laser, any energy device as you know has side effects. In your skin type there is extended down time and the possibility of hyperpigmentation, this is part of the process. Hence why we tell those with ethnic skin to do picosure and use a whitening cream like the pca gel one on Amazon to prevent these issues. Even if I told you ... don't do any energy devices, ... all treatments manual
    10. beautifulambition

      Any OTC creams, devices, etc for acne scarring?

      @Bighead @JohnMarston Is right, there are no magical potions or pills for scars. But you say your scars are very light. So yes of course you can derminator/dermastamp once a month - only the scars. Differin in the USA is over the counter or in regulated countries you can buy tretinorin over the counter ebay. This helps with cell turnover so I suppose this is a "cream." Acid peels like Glycloic peels can also be done or a med spa cheaply for light scarring. Scarring is customized to yo
    11. beautifulambition

      Long battle, going to Pr.Chu, your help needed

      @Sibel I am sorry you are getting misinformation from Chu. I don't think it's intentional. I think he is the type of Dr who is stuck in his ways. He is great for manual treatments but sometimes in cases like yours he offers limited treatments. Recent data says DO NO microneedle if your sensitive or a poor healer, the Dr will only make more scars. Dermapen has bad reviews as it's not designed that well compared to derminator and the Drs way over promise results . Chu does not want to hear the rev
    12. beautifulambition

      Fraxel damaged Skin Microscars/ First Subcision

      Oh that's not good, micro tears from fraxel. So we can't suggest most energy devices, I would think poor healing and or sensitivity. Have you considered some acid peels for softening (do this after your subcisions). I would not do microneedling if you healed like that. Yes I understand about subcision, without seeing your pics, sounds like a good plan. There is no real aftercare for subcision, you wear sunscreen, hibernate inside for several days while you heal. Most of the wor
    13. beautifulambition

      Does this scar treatment sound reasonable?

      @halfmiler91 You have one of the mildest cases of "scars" I have seen in a long time - rolling scars mainly that are textural, many have these irregularities with normal skin. Red marks are easy to treat, vascular laser. You need botox between your eyebrows and this is a standard spot of lines to appear, get some co2 laser or some rf needling as well if you wish. Boxcars you can do some co2 laser or some rf needling. I can't tell the depth of the scars on the cheek, as the light is not direction
    14. beautifulambition

      Acne Scar Doctor in the Bay Area

      @nomo123456789 There are no great "acne scar," Dr's in the SF Bay Area. You can try the chain of price fixed dermatologists (most of them) called California Dermatology or Dr Ransom in SF - He is a plastic Sur, and has the Infini (but not overly great with manual methods). This is why people fly to Rullan to get manual treatments before going the energy device route that you can do anywhere. Acne Scars are based on your individual case and plan, and directional lighting photos help us come up wi
    15. beautifulambition

      What is the best treatment for this type of scarring?

      @acne_skin_queen I see a definite improvement, keep up the good work, ... you always have v-beam if you wish, I know your probably using tretinorin nightly, if not that helps, zinc based sunscreen too. Have you turned. you can always try some rf needling down the road if you wish as well.
    16. beautifulambition

      scar from cortisone shot from like 14 years ago

      @better_skin This will take a combo of you buy silicone scar pads and wearing them at least nightly, having steriod injections and possible co2 or erbium laser to resurface the skin ( if you cannot afford that have them do electrosurgery on them basically they shave down the skin, but this can scar by someone not trained in aesthetics). Be very careful if he over injects the steriod or does it sloppy, he can make a dent that will need filler or saline to raise over many months, this is why they
    17. beautifulambition

      What is the problem with my skin?

      @firefish Hi there, you have severe atrophic rolling scars on your cheeks, perhaps some box cars as well. If that is the after effects of filler and subcision twice I can deduce the following, you will need 8 sessions as I say below of sucbicision. Whoever did it is not good and find someone more agressive to do the work. You did not have enough filler and did not use sculptra first to stimulate your own collagen... I would look into 3-8 sessions of subcision. You need it aggressive.
    18. @EvidentNancy Yes you have to do Chinese Cupping for 3 weeks and to be safe a month after subcision. For some it does not work at all - just a FYI and are better candidates for filler. I would do filler in your case as you have mainly rolling atrohic pits. Chinese cupping can cause bruising in some, ... this is the point so please be aware of this. Keving used a microdermabrasion device that is battery operated from Amazon, ... just look at the reviews there. I believe you don't use the sanding
    19. Please go see a dermatologist, early treatment is the best prevention. We had some posters from the UK who did some online consult thing and were able to get Accutane, I don't know if that is the same for you. Your skin type is prone to redness and wounding, discuss with a Dr your available solutions like tretinorin nightly cream. Wear sunscreen or it can get worse. Think of what is going on with your face as a wound, ... what would you do if you received a cut or scratch, ... it takes time to h
    20. beautifulambition

      10-year-old Icepick + Boxcar scars. What should I do?

      I am not a big fan or prp and microneedling as a solo treatment for scars, but sure you can try this if you wish several times, if it helps you. Be careful of studies they don't always address the scars fully, handpicked cases. New data is more favorable for prp plus rf needling. Several people in the bay area have Infini and can do PRP, tca cross, fraxel, etc... I hear Dr ransom or randsom is good he's a plastic in SF, who has Infini.
    21. beautifulambition

      Subcision recommendations London

      @Belloni Dr Chu, read the countless other discussions now which are happening in the forums.
    22. @Anish004 Chicken pox scars could be fixed with some HA filler injected underneath , and some co2 laser to the scar wall to soften the transition or surgically with punch float. Linear scars they can do some fractional laser, pores they can do tca cross or punch float.
    23. beautifulambition

      Tca Cross Made My Scars Worse? Please Need Advice :(

      @YaltVisentini Oh wow, ... no one will respond to this post, ... it's very old. 3 days,... it takes 3 months after cross to see the full effects of the treatment. 3 days your still healing. Yes they can get deeper before filling up a bit. This is why we have the acid peel guide, at the top of the scar treatments sub, pinned. I always suggest to test spot one to see how you do with it. 100% is supposed to be a Dr's treatment, so you could cause damage with that. The picture did not attach, you ca
    24. beautifulambition

      Subcision after care to prevent hematoma/lumps

      @CleanSlate Yes it's very important the order. For instance as you said with ""resurface the road,"" we don't resurface the road before the pits or potholes have been filled enough and raised. As such I am not a advocate of blasting the face with laser first. You have done your manual methods first so your good with that. Perhaps you could do some rf needling if you wanted to deal with some of the box cars (a few sessions) or some laser to deal with the smaller pits - if you want to skip this yo
    25. beautifulambition

      How soon after fraxel should I start doing microneedling?

      @Cowboy72 Fraxel takes at least 3 to 6 months to see results. I would not even worry about microneedle for at least 2 months > depending on how you have healed. Sunscreen is very important!