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    1. @ybby Go in expecting some improvement but not glass smooth skin. It takes many treatments and depends how you heal. Many people do not treat their internal scars, ... that is the hardest thing to address. There are apps like talkspace which offer unlimited therapy which can help. It's a tough journey treating scars. Pigmentation, well you need a combo of either a hydroquinone cream or the pca hydroquinone free pigment gel nightly, ask the Dr to do vascular or pulse dye laser and if that
    2. @joeysk Sounds good. She might not be. Inexperienced Drs are clueless, but you can try it once. You can tell her to be aggressive. You may need to drive those few hrs to find someone else. You only have to do it once to a few times a year. I have some that can only afford once a year to travel. Ask the Dr how many times have you done subcision, and how many times this month, ... this will give you a idea, if your ethnic ask if she treats your skin type often. General derms can try these things b
    3. @Amanda3 No I think it's optimal to get specifically HA filler a week or however long it takes for your swelling to go down and you see the pits. In fact you can get the filler done by any expert injector not just someone who does scars in this period at a location closer to you. Some don't have time or want it all done at once, ... some are international and don't have a source. But you said optimal ;-) Sure it's ok to say you do not want any filler ,don't have to give a explanation. Some
    4. @connectland The depth of the atrophy / pit or scar. A picture is the most helpful to determine. I need to see the shadows the scar makes from directional light or a flashlight. Many say they have severe scars when in reality they only have textural pits (This is not fat loss). Rolling acne scar has nothing to do with fat loss or depth. See the FAQ there are pictures there, pinned to the top of the scar treatments sub
    5. @Miro I have about 3-4 reports of posts disappearing today. I am not the web dev here. Please report using the report feature above in the posts also you can post in the accouterments area. Seems like some sort of bug that occurred. I never would promise you 70%, ... I only promise 50% with a good Dr. Otherwise your results are variable. You may have more I cannot say, many Dr's say they can do this, and let some people down. I am being honest here. It really depends on how you heal. How m
    6. @ybby That cost is not steep at all they are doing many things at once. You will need several of them not one over time. Good on the 4 months' time. No idea how long down time is for you, it's variable for everyone, ... just like your healing ability. Some it's a week, other's it's several weeks. Buy some concealer, foundation, tinted moisturizer or sunless tanner, dermablend makes a medical concealer. You see most of the results after 3 months, ... some don't after the first one alone, and
    7. @Perfectionist I am not saying anything 100%, ... you need to spot test your skin and see what you can handle. You have ethnic skin, I do not know your reactions. You may be able on the same night to do PCA and the retinoid, w or w/out a moisturizer. You can put on Vitamin C when your not using the retinoid or during the day if you wear sunscreen. See what you can stack together and not, some may be able to do everything, but be aware this can lead to dermatituts if your skin get's angry from to
    8. @ExclusiveSet Dr Novick will not listen to other's advice, ... he only does things his way. Part of this to me is to make money or perhaps to cover areas that were missed, ... if it's the latter that's fine. Any Dr, even Khrom will rope you into weekly injections if you let them they see the $$$$. It's up to you to decide what is best. I can only educate the slowness of healing after treatments and that collagen takes 3-6 months to build. If you want to cross now it may be fine, after all he jus
    9. @Pianina Sure I can build up your scars as well. With tattoo's we do a little ink at a time, and do more and more sessions to color. How are they specifically treating your scars, not adding a tattoo on top, might as well wear foundation, otherwise this is a sick joke for the uniformed. Ask specifically "how they build up your scars." If there is any talk of pigment, you are being conned. Perhaps they have some magical talent I am not aware of. I know there are medical procedures off the s
    10. @Miro I take this response as a cry for help, or a rant of being displeased. While that is fine.. I believe this is in the wrong area, you just posted in the "Scarless Healing" post (I see you just posted there as well) and those threads are more appropriate there by people who do not like today's current scar treatments and are waiting for the next best thing. Also part of your post references the "Spontaneous Scarring Condition - AMVC - Atrophia Maculosa Varioliformis Cutis - Pitted Scars
    11. @Pianina Sadly this is bad marketing at it's worst, taking advantage of the uninformed. Medical tattooing is already in the FAQ, skin section, and hypopigmentation ... why do you need this, as this is not your scarring. IF you have a pit, .... put on makeup and you will see you still see the scar - shadows / texture diffrences (same concept). It does not fix scars. IT's a last ditch thing for hypopigmentation. Color issues are not the same as scars, not the same thing. They are market
    12. @tasinhoooo No one deleted your msg, I have reports other's have lost posts / msg's yesterday. Use the report feature or post in announcements section of the site. ScarRight simply gave a opinion, please ignore it if you wish, for some aside context many Dr's do not reply or even respond to emails (ie. Lim). I say to be on the safe (good faith) call the office or contact the above office manager as they instructed. I can only imagine how many messages a day they get if I get so many
    13. @ExclusiveSet Getting a lot of mixed feedback from Novick lately. Field sub will do nada for your icepicks. You actually are supposed to wait 3 months after you have subcsion done. I know Novick rushes things $$$$, you can follow his plan if you wish as he is not open to other's ideas or data. I would not stick to just Novick personally, there are many Dr's in NYC, checkout the FAQ top of the scar treatments sub pinned, bottom of that thread are Dr's. You don't have to stay with a Dr you can do
    14. @Perfectionist Looks fine, ... it depends on how your face reacts. Products are highly individualized, be sure to do test areas before applying all over on new products. Questions 1) Until it dries 2) You can skip the moisturizer if needed but try it out and see how it works. That is a lot of actives. You can remember do retin-a/tretinorin once or twice a week if needed, don't have to do these things nightly. 3) Yes, but mainly we use them for PIE/PIH to stimulate healing a
    15. @Riderz1337 Look for a Dr that does subcision. Your going to general Dr's who have no clue. Specifically book for subcision and tca cross. If they don't know that that is, or don't know what type of needle they use to do it, or how many times a month they do it (Call the receptionist), waist of your time. Call around and ask. They can even take the filler needle and subcise while using a bit of filler. That person you mentioned is stupid. You can buy .5ml of filler if needed, they just cannot be
    16. @Jirachi I do not see scarring on your cheeks, they must be very superficial. You circled the scars I thought you wanted addressed. By cheeks do you mean by the nose. On your cheeks I see hyperpigmetnation and some PIE which is wounding post acne (Redness), I do not see scars. IF you do have scars here please take better pictures please with a flashlight or directional lighting so I can see the shadows they make. Seriously your skin looks better than most cases I help here, I am afraid of
    17. General Note As this has become a goto for a sucess story and as a example: One can do Chinese Cupping (amazon) as a filler alternative at any time after subcision. This is also called venom kit for bees, and vacuum for blackheads (battery operated). We use filler's as a spacer - preventing skin reattachment after sub, to stimulate collagen, and in some cases as ongoing volume. Sculptra (wide spread scarring, or fat deficient scars) it is stimulated by the rf needling which helps with natu
    18. @elliot123 Very busy past couple of days for me, ... seems a Easter Holiday Rush or something. Thank you for you understanding, I will try to get to your question in 24 hrs but might take me longer as I have hundreds of PM's to answer. Want to address a few things: You are not like anyone else, when they compare their scars to yours they are simply going by the location and the fact that they have scars, everyone is different, heals differently, and has other challenges that make
    19. @Lars99 "PDL" - I don't understand what you mean. You have to do many of them, ...it's not a singular treatment for discoloration. Nothing is permanent, the body can grow more veins, or make more hyperpigmentation. But it should work if your body responds well. I was not speaking at all about permance of results. There are many brands, V-beam, Excel V, Some use the picosure / picoway laser for this, which is not pulse dye, but works well ethnic skin types. Yes all treatments are
    20. @Riderz1337 Fractora is horrible, one of the worst devices, many better devices out there, seen some bad side effects from this unit. Micro laser peel will not fix your scars. This is a laser Dr who just want's to blast you as I mentioned above, many of them are general Dermastologists. Find someone who does manual methods I stated above. You do need filler, this person is a _____, I would not see them, very uneducated, you clearly have areas that need subcision. IF you do not want fil
    21. @joeysk The key is not doing them together here, it's that you want to do cupping. You cannot cup the icepick scars, what some people call a scab afterwards, You must wait for that to heal to do cupping, or you rotate the areas that are treated with cross, and cup the areas that cross was not done on. I cannot tell you what percentage of acid to use as a Asian, that is up to the Dr to see how you skin responds (test spot a area first before doing all of them if needed), There is a skill h
    22. @crisscross Thank for posting the pictures. Yes you have rolling textural scarring, boxcars and some hyperpigmentation. * I would do 3-8 sessions of cannula subsision to your scars, this will help you most, ... they can do a bit of filler after or you can do Chinese Cupping (Amazon) for a month after, yes you will bruise a bit but it keeps things from re-tethering. * I would do rf needling to your scars, ... this helps rolling / boxcars * CO2 laser if you need a boost in low density
    23. @Skyler171 You don't need to find a Dr specifically for acne scar filler, there is no such thing except for the top 1% of the Dr's world wide who do acne scar treatment. There is nothing with Rullan's filling that is a problem per say, ... he just is not as artistic as other Dr's and nurses who do filler all day, this is not where his interests are as he is a surgeon concerned with peels and other procedures like subcision. I have had some patients who get filled with him and are fine, ... other
    24. @sofaki90greece Thank you. The Dr ruined your face. 3.5mm .... why would someone one do such a thing, it destroys the fat at that depth. He would have been fine between .75mm to 2mm depending on the depth of the scars. The energy is also way to high and can destroy fat. He does not know how to use the device, hence your damage. I gave you a plan above, ... you need manual subcsion and filler, many of them ;-)
    25. @sofaki90greece All these Dr's are in the FAQ pinned to the top of the main scar treatments sub, at the bottom of that post. They are mentioned over and over. We never tell someone to travel thousands of miles unless they have the resources to do so and they wish to go through the hassle.