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  1. beautifulambition

    Got an online quote from Dr. Rullan

    @asianman81 Where would they subcise? Your scars are very superficial / textural. What would subcision do for them. He could do some peels to them, phenol cross as he said, miconeedling, and yes you can fly to Dr. Wiener for more if a few sessions of this does not work. Weiner has all the energy devices. But so does everyone else if you want to stay local. It looks like textural box cars and icepicks. Lots of phenol cross will be needed. Box cars he can phenol cross,... but you will probably need rf needling for them your right or angled co2 laser, or fractional erbium. Because of your skin type more treatments are needed. They turn up the power to high and permanent damage, hence a gentler approach. I do think picosure would be good for you (Google a local med spa), as you have hyperpigmentation, and it makes collagen growth in your skin type. Use nightly retin-a/tretinorin/or differin and a kojic acid and licorice ingredients cream. You want your cells turned over and to prevent hyperpigmentation. I would start with that plan, ... if you need more it would be more laser work. Manual methods are a good start.
  2. beautifulambition

    What treatment will be helpful for my enlarged pores? (Pics)

    @SlowTwister You have almost non existent skin issues. No you don't want to use tca cross, ... where would they put it, ... you have a tiny bit of large pores. Several people have this and mostly from overproduction of oil - sebum. Look into using something like salicylic acid or peels by your med spa for large pores, and to clean out the sebum. I suggested the 1927nm full density as you thought it was a issue or clear and brilliant. If it was me I would do nothing your skin is better than 99% of the people on here. When we over treat it can make your skin worse. Look into repairing your moisture barrier as well with something like Urea creams. Google repair moisture barrier. IF you over peel or use harsh exfoliating products your pores will become larger. You will never have 100% perfect skin, ...everyone has pores and see ""some"" improvement.
  3. beautifulambition

    How should my scars be best treated?

    @medzo269 Hi there, ... your main issue is that atrophic divot in the fat tissue between the eye and cheek. I would do subcision and some filler there and on some of your other scars. Will take a few sessions. The right- left cheek has boxcars so you would do angled co2 laser 3-7% and the highest power just to the walls of the scars, or rf needling, or fractional erbium laser. A few sessions are needed. You have large pores / icepicks. TCA cross can be done on some of them. You could also do high density 1927nm if you wish or the rf needling(Above) might help some and this isn't needed (optional). You can do a few peels to soften the texture if you wish after things are improved. Wait 3 months between treatments, you can buy a derminator and stamp the individual scars at home yourself in between dr treatments, while waiting, treat as you have time and money. The skin is slow to heal.
  4. beautifulambition

    Subsicion with Professor Chu

    @Alexis88 Ok dude, follow his instructions then, ... you ask above, but already knew the answers. You scare me with your discription of acid. You never treat your whole face, just the scarred area. Because you are ethnic if you don't use tretinorin/differin/retin-a you can get these in many countries without a prescription and a cream of kojic acid and licorice you will hyperpigment (Acid Peels). Please read the acid peel guide, it's in the FAQ on the top of scar treatments sub, goto the acid peel section, click the mega link for instructions. you don't just slap on 25% acid on a face. Your still healing from treatment with Chu. .75mm to 1.5mm read the derminator and microneedling guide also linked in the FAQ.
  5. @TheMadTitanNamedThanos Your scarring is not the worse I have seen and I help complicated cases daily. That being said the biggest thing I see when I look at your pics is red PIE - this is wounding post acne. The skin color does not match drawing attention to everything else. That is the main thing I would treat. You say you have money / are willing to pay for treatment, fly to Dr Lim then ;-) You have textural acne scarring with mainly box cars, a few rolling scars, perhaps some ice picks. There is no deep fat loss with your scarring. I would do picosure a few sessions for the PIE or vascular laser. I would look into a few sessions of cannular subcision throughout the cheek. You could do Chinese Cupping if you wish. TCA Cross for the icepicks. Angled CO2 laser for your box cars 3-7% density and the highest power to the walls of the box cars. IF you cannot find someone to do that rf microneedling (Several sessions) and OR fractional erbium laser. You can do a few tca peels for the texture. Use tretinorin/differin/retin-a every night and a cream with ingredients kojic acid and licorice this is for cell turnover and to avoid hyperpigmentation. Treatment is slow taking 2-3 years as out skin heals very slowly. Wait 3 months between all Dr's treatments. You can microneedle at home or use the derminator if you want to try that at home first, time between tretments is one month. Again biggest issue is the red PIE (skin color needs to be the same), also I see a active acne spot, that needs to be undercontrol before too many treatments or it could spread bacteria.
  6. @poorbunny888 This is because I feel he has keloids and needs dilute steriod injections to them. Then laser for any resurfacing and silicone pads can be placed on bumps to make them go down. Seb hyper.... does not typically look like that, it doughnuts if you look at the pics. Yes in that case hyfecator or electrosurgery can be done or laser to release the plug. Sebaceous hyer.... is not a infected bump, ... it's trapped sebum in a folicle with a plug, It's always better to have a Dr do laser to them or electorsurgery. Liquid silicone is for scars, sold anywhere in the scar section. Silicone is used with keloids to make them go down with time.
  7. beautifulambition

    "Distensible" scarring question

    @tryinghard123 Treatment options if you like the way things look when you pull temples... 1) HA filler but you need several ml's "if" you like the look after a few times of HA filler you can do a permanent filler like Bellafill but you will need again several ml's 2) Mini facelift 3) PDO threads 4) Sculptra is a bio simulator and great for adding "over all" volume to give some lift, last's longer than HA filler and is not injected under individual scars, ... but under whole area.
  8. beautifulambition

    Subsicion with Professor Chu

    @Alexis88 Chu's office should have given you after care instructions follow them. If you have any wounds from needles etc. You can put some vaseline on it till it heals. Sunscreen. Redness as soon as the wounds are closed nightly differin/ tretinorin/ or retin - a with a licoroice and kojic acid ingredients cream. You can start with derminator and tca cross which are done in seperate months, 1.5 months after subcision if everything is healed up.
  9. beautifulambition

    Chicken Pox scar

    @doflamingo Belotero is a soft filler great for shallower injections. It's a HA filler. I don't see any risks with a professional injector who does this all the time.
  10. beautifulambition

    "Distensible" scarring question

    @tryinghard123 This is a very very old post, no one will respond to it ;-P If you pull up your cheeks and things are better you did not get enough filler to volumize the face. People often get 1 to 2ml of HA filler and this won't pull up your cheeks like you want done You may need 5ml to ... more. It's put higher up on the cheek bone. You can also try PDO threads. Show the derm or plastic and pull up your cheeks.
  11. @51WithSkin It's the verry first post of the scar treatments sub, perhaps your on your phone and it's not working, try a computer with a web browser. Here is the link. Hypertrophic section.
  12. beautifulambition

    Deep indentation in the middle of my forehead

    @Atrophica Your welcome. You can buy a dermastamp at owndoc which is a webstore and they also sell the derminator or Amazon. It's a shame you cannot see Dr Lim is a top 1% acne scar Dr, don't know weather you can use the medicare system if your visiting. Yes, coconut oil in my experience is "can" cause acne. It clogs pores. Peels will not do, dermapen, won't fix this do it at home, rf it depends which type. But you need botox and subicsion. Then get the retin-a and put it just on the dents, try diluting it 50/50 with something. Perhaps your allergic to something in the one you got. I feel from the link your shopping for treatments, this won't fix you, ... often these people are clueless with scarring. They can do awesome botox and fillers. Then go get fractional lasers just to the scars. At the very least do rf needling. Again you really need botox and subcision, ... you can dermastamp the scars yourself at home. Peel or do fully ablative laser at the end, ... this is not a beginning procedure, it's for texture. Of course botox is temporary, but it improves the forhead (muslces, veins, thin skin). It is illegal to discuss doing subcision at home, if you wish to do this please do it in private. I have had to help far to many people and this is a very very dangerous area to mess around. Were talking blindness, nerve damage, muscle damage, infection, etc... Nope microneedling will not break fiberous bands. There are several Drs in AUS on the list offer subcision. Your looking at prices and not treatment. As such find a dr who does subcision. Do not get filler too expensive. Do Chinese cupping yourself to the subcision areas for a month after. You can afford subcision. Did you read what @ScarRight said Adrian Lim u-republic Syd, or Darlinghurst derm. See I cannot help you if you will not help yourself, ... everything is too expansive. So save up and do one or two things a year while stamping the scars at home. You have a acne problem, ... this is why they say break out. Sulfur soap or BP cream on the zits. Dr Chu is cheap compared to EU prices and can help you, he is in London as well and does Sub.
  13. beautifulambition

    Thoughts on Dr David Lim?

    @welldone28 PM me whatever you want ;-), ... please be patient as it might take me 24 hrs to respond as I help over 50 cases a day of the worst acne scar suffers. - BA
  14. beautifulambition

    Scars (help)

    @Toni94 I don't know what your wanting from me that I can help with. I am not playing down your scars, ... I did say above you should be seen by a Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon to get the improvement your seeking. I don't think at home treatments will get you to that goal solely - alone.
  15. beautifulambition

    Thoughts on Dr David Lim?

    @welldone28 No issue with you giving your opinion on Lim, that is why everything was moved to a sole Lim topic here instead of posting on anything Lim site wide, everything has been consolidated. Can I kindly ask that we add more facts. It's clear there was a personality mismatch and you feel he was arrogant which is reason enough for you to find a better fit. What would be interesting is what Lim did (besides arrogance) that caused issues with treatment that was also it seems mishandled by other Drs also - just trying to get more info. What could help others most to learn from the situation is if you could obtain the patient notes (They are required to give it to you), and post them here. I have helped many cases after Dermal grafting and additional scarring (5 years latter) is a very real side effect of the procedure with tethering and attachment to the fat layer, hence subcision being beneficial to you with the SYD Derms. Dermal grafting has fallen out of favor with the top acne scar Drs due to augmentation/subcision/etc.