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  1. hi im back i think this is the 2nd week post sub too early to finalize but im just estatic seeing my face starting to fill up the ugly pits on its own, thanks to collagen, btw im 28 so, because i thought i read somewhere here that age is one of the factors for collagen to work, well u know what i mean, that the younger you are the more chances of broken collagen to re-produce?? yeah correct me if i’m wrong. anyway you can pm me for questions and ill be happy to help! And yes subcision is the
  2. Hello im back for my update 1 week post sub, i can say that there is at least 50% improvement. the swelling has totally gone down and the pit is visible again but i guarantee thay its way more shallower than pre sub. I heal very well btw. I’m planning to do next sub next month. can anyone advice me treatment for my shallower scars? to smoothen out my skin? is it still possible for me to have my baby skin back? i can go for lasers or peels if anyone can vouch for its effectiveness for the type
  3. @dazzed i think you are right, maybe im just so obssessed and thibking about having clearer skin is consuming me. yeah im hoping for the best thanks though. Actually, he advised me subcision and tca cross and INFINI afterward which costs way more than the sum of the 1st 2 procedure lol. Anyways i will never go for lasers till my acne scars become shallow. i opt erbium lasers among the rest of availabl lasers.
  4. doctor didnt say anything, except for no alcohol, no smoking no hot drinks, no make up for 24 hours and he gave me topical antibiotics after, no suction was advised by the doctor but i heard its more effective with suctioning. may i know why do you think cannot apply? so far nothing unusual happened @AcnePwns. maybe next time ill try sub with fillers.
  5. this is day 2 post subcision, still swelling and bruising but i cannot see the deep scars that i have before. last night i applied dan’s very own AHA+ glycolic acid. I’ll keep you updated after a week!
  6. I’ve been a lurker here ever since and i am contemplating alot doing subcision for i heard this is the most effective way of treating rolling scars. And just today, this very day i went to a certified doctor to do for me. This is my acne scars before subcision, very prominent,deep and fugly- this irregularities on my skin is taking a toll on my self confidence for 5 years, when i treated my all my acne with benzoyle peroxide, this is the aftermath and i can’t stand it anymore. Anyways here
  7. Ih8enca



    My acne comes and goes, i dont want to go beyond the limits still its not accutane as what i think as the last resort. I always stick to clean diet especially nondairy diet because it is the number one culprit for my acne. But it seems like my acne wont go away permanently im so depressed because it keeps on returning back whatever i do then i keep on researching and finally read on about zinc deficiency i noticed my right nails got white patches, i got acne, and i get easily tired andnj also r