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  1. After three years of using Dan's regimen, it still works as wonderfully as the first month I tried it! I had tried dozens of products, including ALL Clean and Clear, Neutrogena, and Clinique acne products, Carly's Clear and Smooth, Proactiv, Tetracycline, Retin-A, and some others I can't even remember... I tried Dan's regimen and it worked! I couldnt believe how fast and gently it cleared my skin and it was so consistent. But then I went off of it like the stupid girl I was and wanted to use som
  2. Hi everyone, I thought I would pop back in and give you an update: Almost three months after ending Accutane treatment, I am still acne-free! My skin is not 100% smooth, and I a few times I have feared breakouts popping up under the skin, but I havent had one real zit that could be popped or leave a mark. My skin is a little reddish right now, and my pores arent as invisible and clear as they were a month ago, but I am still loving the after-effects of Accutane. I really hope my clear skin stay
  3. DONE!!! I am officially done with my Accutane treatment. Six months total, with 40mg the first month and 60 mg a day for the five months thereafter. Right now I am very pleased with the results - clear, radiant skin with just a few redmarks. My skin is still sensitive and gets red, irritated and scrapes easily, but its already better now that I am off the treatment. Accutane will stay in my system for about two or three weeks after I take my last pill, so I expect to still have dry eyes and th
  4. WEEK TWENTY FOUR Sorry it has been awhile, I had to take two weeks off Accutane because all the fires in San Diego at the end of October prevented me from going to my appointments (the hospital where my derm is at was totally evacuated for three days!) ... but I am back on for my last month. I will be done December 7th! Right when finals are done and I am home for Christmas break and the guy I am in love with comes home after being gone for 6 months and I am done with the most hellish semester
  5. There are so many negative stories out there about Accutane, mostly because of all the hype about rare yet severe side effects. Plus the people who are going to come talk on the boards and post the scary stories about terrible side effects are the ones that need advice, need to vent and are much more inclined to complain and talk about their problems (which is great - we all need to vent and we all need support!) than people who are clearing and have success.. why would they bother to come on th
  6. I use TTO as a toner, with a few drops into a small toner-container thing. It works great at clearing red marks, healing dryness and flaky skin, and improving overall tone and texture of my skin. As long as its dilluted a LOT, its been wonderful even while on Accutane.
  7. exactly - I stick some aquaphor or vaseline up there to prevent them. works great!
  8. I tried ACV method, but it seriously stank sooo badly I could handle it. Ew it makes me gag just thinking of the smell and the few weeks I endured rubbing that sh*t on my face. SICK. I will never do something that gross again, no matter how promising it seems! I use tea tree oil, which has helped clear my redmarks SOO much better than ACV ever did. I put a few drops of TTO into a small plastic toner-container thing and fill the rest with water, then I use a cotton square to apply it to my face a
  9. I am in the same boat as you - I have one and a half months left, I am four and a half months in, and I still have a couple of actives every now and then, and lots of little clearish bumps under the skin on my cheeks that dont erupt into full zits but are still gross. Hmm...? I hope they go away and I am clear by the end of this course.
  10. my doctor put me on antibiotics for one month to please the insurance company (we had to say we tried antibiotics before Accutane can be considered), but she knew I didnt want to go on antibiotics because they made me nauseous and didnt work in the past. So it really does depend on the doctor.
  11. I for sure get these too. They are most likely closed comedones, which are like clogged pores of oil/sebum. You can find out more about them in other posts and forums about clogged pores. They are probably coming up to the surface thanks to Accutane. Dont pick at them - mine grow into big, red, painful and inflamed zits if I mess with them; otherwise they just stay there and usually go away in a few weeks.
  12. yes! but the numbness is in my feet - when I wear shoes that are a little tight, or go running, the outsides of my feet and my three smallest toes get tingly and numb! It's weird, and it goes away within an hour or so, but it's only occurred in the last month or so (month five of Accutane). I am sure it will go away when I am off Accutane.
  13. WEEK EIGHTEEN Status: Looking good! For the most part, I am hardly breaking out at all! I have gotten a few new breakouts recently, but they are smallish, easy to deal with and heal quickly. They dont leave bad redmarks, either. But I am a little concerned that I still seem to have small, flesh-colored under-the-skin bumps next to my nose on my inner cheeks. A few of them have inflamed into tiny zits, a few go away or flake off without becoming zits, and a few have been there for months and w
  14. WEEK FIFTEEN Status: Well I am still getting some under-the-skin closed comedones that sometimes erupt into smallish zits (they heal fast at least), so thats a little annoying since I have one week left until the four month mark. I thought by now I would be totally clear. I am using Dan's complete three-step acne.org regimen still, which is actually helping so much. Giving up BP altogether would have given me a terrible inital breakout, and Dan's cleanser and moisturizer leave my skin very bala
  15. WEEK TWELVE Sorry guys, I know I havent been very consistent with this - and I thought it would be way too detailed when I started it! Thats because I obessesed over my skin and wanted to record every detail and little change to track my progress; but now that my skin is clearing I forget about it and just live my life! Status: Well I already said it: I've been having great, clear skin lately. Mostly just the past week, I broke out still in weeks ten and eleven. I was traveling abroad at the t