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  1. so i'm 22 and a senior in college. my acne is starting to clear up. i found out that i had candida overgrowth because of some acne meds i took back in hs which caused the candida to get out of control. i cut out all carbs and sugars and increased my intake of antifungals, antimicrobials, vegetables, healthy fats, etc and now my skin is starting to clear. no more breakouts or anything. (hopefully that helps some of you) my hs and college years i had bad acne. i kept myself from friendships and r
  2. hey thanks for the reply. No i'm over on the west coast. This is a really informative post. Will read it in again in more depth in a few! Honestly I think the worst thing about having scarring is the fact that people seem to care so much. Why can't people mind their own ****** business?