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  1. Thank you, I couldn't find any answer as to what they were! l'll schedule a derm soon
  2. I stopped accutane around 6 months ago but I've had these scars/bumps ever since then. I also got hyper-pigmentation but im not sure that's relevant. Regardless any help would be great!
  3. Its been nearly 4 months since I stopped taking accutane but I'm left with these marks. How long will they take to fade and is there anything I can do at this point? Any help would be great
  4. This may be a case of hyperpigmentation in which case I'm facing the same thing /: it's been around 2-3 months for me and they've only gotten slightly more faded
  5. I've been off of accutane for 2-3 months but still have hyper pigmentation. Would this product work? Is it safe to use it this soon after accutane? any help would be appreciated
  6. I believe this started after my initial breakout with accutane but I'm not entirely sure. I stopped using accutane 2 weeks ago. Could any of you please help me classify this and how to remedy it? time? product? I'm grateful for any help