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  1. hmm, i actually thought it was making my existing red marks worse. so i do the tape method as well
  2. just arrange for your day to be busy, then you won't have time for it, and youll be too tired anyway
  3. i think you should help her if she asks again - its obviously bothering her, and i wouldnt wish being treated like a freak on anyone. don't go down to her level - prove your above that.
  4. tetracycline worked for a year (approx) for me, then i came off and went on the regimen, before they stopped working
  5. i wouldnt talk to her, but smile at her instead. leave it to her to talk to you if she wants. That way, you can avoid the embarrassment if she doesnt talk to you - and thats very likely considering its a female we're on about.
  6. Ive been on oxytetracycline twice, it worked both times, i got 100% clear.
  7. Me too, but my haircut only lasts for bout 10 mins, so the pain is light.
  8. Hey, today i saw Oxy on the spot for 99p in Semi - Chem. I didnt stay to look why, but it might be worth checking out.