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  1. I'll think about this... I have used the stamp previously and didn't do well with it.
  2. Good for you! I wanted to get an alternative to the dermaroller mainly for accuracy purposes. I'm looking into buying one for myself but I'd rather spend 20-40$ so I think my choice will be the dermapen, which is also a lot more compact. @QuanHenry, which one do you have?
  3. I have started with TCA 30% too and that's the one I'm still using, no problem at all with it. I have done it 4 times on an icepick that is a lot less visible! I also did it 3 times on a deeper wider one, didn't go so well, but that one was already a mess to start with. 30% is definitely enough IMHO but that's for me, other people's skins may require a stronger one. Good luck and remember that the most important thing is not to peel, let it do its thing.
  4. Hi! I have been trying this for a few weeks now. My advice, go for lower TCA percentages. Start low, you don't want to ruin your progress. Like Robertitoo said, you should start with one scar and then work your way up. There's no need to rush it, but you'll definitely see results. I have. Good luck!
  5. I don't know about that free treatment, couldn't that be a way of him pushing you some other more expensive techniques when you're done? Besides, needling is something you can do at home whichever device you choose to use.
  6. I think time may have played a part there. Nevertheless your skin is much improved! Have you been needling as well? I gotta say I actually laughed at the slapping technique, don't get me wrong, I believe it may work, but the image of someone doing that is hardcore! Great for you anyway, keep doing what you're doing. Good Luck!
  7. Princessuk those pictures definitely show improvement, whether it's different light conditions or actual improvement I can't tell, though. I hope it's the later. My 1,5 mm dermaroller has arrived and I have already used it once. Depending on the effect I see on my skin I'll be using it more or less frequently. 6-6 weeks seems to be the general opinion but I may do it more frequently than that, maybe every month or 3-3 weeks. I'll keep updating from now on.
  8. You've got the FAQ thread that answers most of your questions. If you really want advice you'll need to post a picture of your scars. TCA Cross for ice pick scars, though. Boxcar scars can have many different treatments depending on size and depth.
  9. You'll have better luck going through needling threads than asking. Most of the people who've had success with needling don't come to the forum that often anymore.
  10. Brian is awesome, all that self esteem and the way he's so positive towards everything is really contagious. You can see he'a a bit disappointed with the treatment, though. He sure did pay a lot, while actually promoting the clinic where he did it. It's a shame that these doctors take advantage of people with a problem but not all doctors are like that, sure, they have to make a living but I think mostly people pushing the dermapen/mcroneedling don't know the first thing about treating acne sca
  11. This guy's got 3 great review videos on a dermapen treatment he's been doing, this is the last session apparently. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5RJa7iDxZg4 Spoiler: In the end he says, for the price, he wouldn't have done it if he knew what the results would be. He did get visible improvement.
  12. You know your skin better than anyone else so do what you think is best. My acne, though, starts very mild and then goes full blown break out in a matter of weeks, so I know when to start the isotretinoin treatment. Low dose is what I was thinking, too.
  13. Just a sidenote, I think you should prioritize acne control and start isotretinoin/accutane if you're starting to breakout. Take it from my personal experience, you don't want to end up having more scars because you were trying to treat your current ones and stopped your accutane or whatever you were doing.
  14. Yes, definitely great results. From that picture we can tell a lot's happened, but it's not finished, collagen remodeling is still happening. Also, a few more treatments wouldn't hurt, seeing the incredible results you've had, further improvement is very likely.