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  1. 2.5 Month Progress Update: So I've forgotten to keep updating this log but I am still on accutane. I've been taking 60mg per day this month, and I switched my BC pill to Diane from Yasmin. I don't know which of the two made the difference, but my skin has cleared up a lot. I currently only have two spots on my face but both are pretty large and painful. Hoping they start to heal soon! I still have tons of hyperpigmentation, but I've still been going without makeup as much as possible lately. M
  2. 1 Week Before Accutane^ ^Today Before^ Today^ When it it safe for me to say accutane is not working for me and to give up? My skin is getting worse by the day. You can see in these photos I posted that the red marks on my cheeks have multiplied since the start. I would post better photos but I don't want to be recognized. I'm really worried about scarring now. I'm contemplating going off accutane and trying to reverse the damage I've caused, as well as preventing any new damage. Since I
  3. I'm going through the EXACT same thing as you. I'm on Day 44 (I think) and I have not had a single clear day since beginning my treatment. Normally I have a couple clear days once or twice a month, but now I've had minimum 10 spots on my face at all times. My skin has only gotten significantly worse since starting the drug and I've also stopped seeing many side effects. Very interesting that we started at the same time and are having the same problem - maybe there is a defect in this batch of
  4. Day 38 Progress Update: I thought maybe my skin was improving, but I woke up today to find an even worse breakout than before. I have multiple cysts on my cheeks and the texture has gone rough and bumpy. There's nowhere on my face that feels smooth. I don't want to be one of those people tht let acne control their life, but I haven't been able to stop crying today. I took this drug to improve my skin and it's only gotten worse and worse. The red marks and scarring mean if I do clear up, I have
  5. Day 36 Progress Update: Skin is still a disaster but I think it has improved slightly. I had a patch of eczema on my face flare up again, so I started using a zinc based soap and it seems to have brought down the inflammation a little bit. The cyst between my eyebrows is going away now, but it turned into a really disgusting scab first that just flaked off last night. Walking around with a giant scab on your face is not fun, and I could always see people's eyes getting drawn to it when I was ta
  6. Day 29 Progress Update: My skin is still looking worse than ever, with new spots emerging each day. I can't even count the number of spots I have on my face anymore, probably about 10-12 on each cheek and 4-6 on my forehead, with one very large and painful cyst between my eyebrows. Getting extremely frustrated and depressed. I no longer leave the house unless absolutely necessary.
  7. Thanks for the response! I'm hoping I clear up sometime in the next month. This first month has been very difficult. Not a full progress update, but a weird side effect popped up today My chest is covered in tiny tiny bumps. It doesn't feel irritated or dry even, but just bumpy. I have no idea what it is, but I put some moisturizer on it and I'm hoping it goes away.
  8. Day 23 Progress Update: I hate to have such a depressing accutane log but my skin is getting consistently worse the longer I'm on this drug. I'm so embarrassed by my skin. I had a breakout of about 6-8 whiteheads on my chin and 4 more on my forehead which just started to clear up... while a new breakout of about 5 large spots started forming on my cheek. My entire face is covered in bright red marks that are getting more and more difficult to cover with makeup. My face used to be smooth with a
  9. Day 18 Progress Update: my face just looks terible! It's like every single pore is clogged and bright red. I can't stand leaving the house and I want to have a couple days with no makeup to help my skin heal but I'm forced to go out for one reason or another every day makeup looks terrible, it emphasizes the texture but I could never go out with all of this redness. So I'm a little worried about my event in Sunday. If I look like this, I know I won't have any fun because I'm going to spend the
  10. HI SummeLover, Thanks, I've heard it's normal too and all I can do now is wait it out! Good luck on your course. Day 15 Progress Update: i used my rosehip oil again last night and my face is so much calmer and less inflamed now! Will definitely keep using it. I'd rather have smooth skin with blemishes than dry, flakey, textured skin. Just planning to keep moisturizer from now on and let the accutane take care of the spots. the breakout on my forehead is healing, left some nasty red marks beh
  11. Day 14 Progress Update: My skin looks awful today I keep getting big whiteheads all over my chin and forehead. They pop up so quickly! By the end of the day yesterday I had 4 new spots on my chin. I stopped using the rosehip oil so my skin is very dry today, still getting new spots though so maybe it really is just the initial breakout and not a reaction. Unfortunately I have too much to do in the next few days to be able to stay in so I get to go around to meetings looking disgusting makeup
  12. Day 13 Progress Update: i can't tell if I'm having an initial breakout or a reaction to a new product. I started using rose hip oil to help with the dryness and while overall my skin feels smoother and less inflamed, I've developed about 5 spots on my forehead. None of them are very big so I'm not stressing out too much over them, but I'm just not sure whether to continue using the rosehip oil or not! The rest of my face is looking a lot better. My right cheek has not had a single spot since I
  13. Hey there, I'm on Day 9 of my accutane course (currently 30mg/day) and I thought I'd make a log to track my progress and side effects. I've had moderate acne for 8-10 years now, as I started getting acne in junior high school and I've never quite managed to get it under control (and definitely not for a lack of trying!). I've tried every acne treatment I could get my hands on, including topical clindamycin, epiduo, retin-a, birth control, and antibiotics, as well as every 3-step system and ove