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  1. i've never really heard of lots of bumps.. are they bumps or just small acne? and stick with it.. it is so worth it after all the dry lips and skin
  2. monochromatic is right.. i have been following your log this whole time and back before you started to get clear i remember somewhere you said to someone that you would kill for a face like theirs, and i remember that face and yours is much better than that, and now you say you want to let your mom die or whatever. and your red marks will fade over time anyway, it seems like you will never be happy and always want to "kill" someone or something
  3. me too.. i took sotret first 2 months then claravis the last 3
  4. it must just be a clear time for you, because i have never heard of or seen anyone get clear after 7 pills
  5. no it won't.. i started accutane the day of my first basketball game and was on it through the whole season
  6. don't worry about the brand name of your accutane, i took sotret my first 3 months then claravis my last 2 months... my derm said that some people may have taken longer to get clear with the generic accutane (sotret, claravis, roaccutane), but they got clear anyway, it just took a little longer
  7. just try not to think about all the side effects that can happen, there are lots of us on here who have taken accutane without any serious problems, but for the peeling lips you are worried about just use lots of chap stick of coarse, and some people on here recommend aquaphor but i have tried aquaphor carmex and burt's bees and for me burt's bees worked way better than all the others.... good luck!
  8. good luck.. and ya be sure to drink lots of water, accutane dries you out real badly as you have prolly noticed already
  9. hey good luck.. and enjoy your face not being oily because that was a huge step up for me when i took accutane.. and don't get too paranoid about the side effects, just think about how your skin will be in the end
  10. ya i'm goin to winona state university..
  11. thats awesome you have so much improvement.. my prom was kinda lame, i spent more time with my friends than with my date cause she had a boyfriend
  12. Eric07


  13. face is still great. dryness is down a lot, we had our class trip this week and i didn't even need to bring my burts bees along with me. i think i may start dan's regimen next week or something just to be safe o and i just updated my gallery again too
  14. ya because they just want to be especially safe for people looking to get pregnant.. so im sure it doesn't take the full 2 months im sure it is quicker than that