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  1. When did you get them back? :) I've read everything from five days to several months on this forum... Only three days left, wohey!
  2. I live in Norway, and frequently recommended products like Cetaphil and Aquaphor are not available in stores here. Struggeled a bit to find decent products, but eventually found some that worked fine. I've compiled a list of my favourite moisturisers, lip balms, eye drops, etc. Hope this will be helpful for Scandinavians and others living nearby! See attached PDF. Anbefalte_produkter___Roaccutan_behandling.pdf Anbefalte_produkter___Roaccutan_behandling.pdf
  3. I am at day 144, and my blackheads are still there My derm prescribed me some Differin to put on the nose to help purge the pores...
  4. I went on Accutane when I was 16, and my acne cleared. I'm now 21. Over the last couple of years it has returned, but in a mild form I'd say... Mostly blackheads and whiteheads, and an occational papule/pustule now and then. But it was very persistant; I've recently tried Differin and Tetralysal, and neither helped. My mother and father also has some adult acne. My derm had no problems giving me Accutane - and I think he has made a good decition based on family history, my wishes, my age, etc.
  5. I'm in my fifth month. Most of my blackheads are still there. Especially on my nose, which are quite oily compared to the rest of my face, which is dry now. I was upped to 80mg/day, got an extra month, and got some Differin to use on my nose at night. Hope to see results!
  6. Hello! I started my course at October 2nd. I weigh 70kg and was on 40mg for the first two weeks and then 60mg. The planned total dosage was 8000mg (=114mg/kg). I am soon finished with the 8000mg, and still not clear. Yesterday I called my derm, and he had no problem of sending me an extra 2000mg perscription and upping me to 80mg.
  7. Dryness gradually gets better. Two-three weeks post-tane I guess the dryness won't be a big issue anymore. But sun-sensitiveness, slowed healing of the skin etc will probably take longer, several months.
  8. I like Sebamed Liquid Face & Body wash. It's very mild and does not contain real soap.
  9. Thanks for your effort, man. Reading shared information on the web is helping me a great deal to get through the course, and I know that's also the case for many many others. Admins: Should this be a pinned topic/go into the FAQ?
  10. I'd also like some answers to this question. I am done with my course 20th of February, and are going on vacation to Gran Canaria 18th of April... I know the skin is more fragile and to be careful for at least six months, but how much stronger is the skin after two months compared to in-course?
  11. I've done 3.5 months 60mg/day and not improved at all. Supposed to to 5 months, but I'll try to get an additional month. That said, I'm still very patient and believe I will clear up at the end of the course, or even after, as some do... Hang in there!
  12. Hey. I've been on 60mg/day for 3.5 months now, 1.5 months left. Had mild but very persistant acne, and many stubborn blackheads. I have seen very little, if any, improvement. But I know that it takes long time for Accutane to work on some people, so I stay patient. But I'm a little worried about the blackheads. My impression by reading on these forums is that all blackheads very often totally disappears during the first weeks. Mine are still there (nose, below the eyes, around mouth, forehead)