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  1. Hey everyone, I have been completely MIA for like all of month two. I started month 3 two days ago. Month 2 was a struggle I was really broken out for most of it and super annoyed but it always seems to clear up and look fine when I go to my derm so she can't see any of the bad. I also get really red in the face. It doesn't seem like sunburn but who knows. Now I am up to 80mg a day and if symptoms get bad she wants me to go back to alternating 40mg and 80mg again. I am going to Sanibel Island fo
  2. PS if you're interested in Arbonne or samples let me know. I fell in love with their stuff so much I became a consultant so I can tell you all about everything. I actually might ditch my aquaphor for their lip treatment soon. Updates to come!
  3. So I thought I had been posting the last few days from my phone but turns out it wasn't working so I don't remember what all I said. Basically, I went to my derm and of course had account issues with ipledge. She kept me at 40mg kind of.... I am alternating taking 80mg (2 pills) and 40mg (1 pill) of Zenatane (so that switched too) she said alternating would help ease me into the symptoms. I am wondering if I will get a bad breakout from the upped dosage. She also said that if my lips crack or sk
  4. Sofia, I hope everything gets better for you on the new dosage! My hair is super dry too! And the inside of my nose. I saw my Derm today after the first month. I had a gap day where I didn't have a pill but oh well. She switched me from Amnesteem 40mg once a day to Zenatane 40mg alternating twice a day and once a day. Today I took 2 so 40mg and tomorrow I will take 1. She said this eases you into the symptoms so hopefully it goes over well! So I'm kind of on 80mg but not really? Haha
  5. Today was weird not taking a pill. I see my dermatologist tomorrow! Hopefully I get my dosage bumped up and can get my prescription filled right away. I have some pretty big pimples right now but we shall see what my derm says.
  6. So I've definitely noticed some improvements in my first month. My skin feels much smoother where there isn't active acne. That also may be due to the fact that I've started using Arbonne products that are AMAZING (so great that I became a consultant for the 50 percent discount). I ordered a hydration mask for when my skin really starts to dry out and I can't wait to see how it works. I also think I washed my face too aggressively in the shower this morning because where I had a cluster of break
  7. Hi again, I'm back! So my hair is super duper dry and frizzy now. Thanks accutane. My nostrils are continually dry and crusty (totally gross, I know). I got my blood work done for my upcoming 1 month appointment. It is only 6 days away, how crazy is that. Time is flying. Also, I assumed I would have to do another urine test when I got my blood work done so while she was doing it I had to pee soon bad. Still having breakouts all over my cheeks and jawline. Slight dryness is occurring on my nose a
  8. Krissy, I'm on amnesteem 40mg and have my first month appointment soon and am assuming I will be increased to 80. I've been having the same issues as you, so you aren't alone!
  9. Helllooooo, so my nose continues to be dry and a little bloody. My neti-pot is going to become my best friend so I don't look like a 22 year old that still picks their nose. My scalp is already drying out. I'm blonde and I used to barely get away with going 24 hours without washing my hair cause the greasiness would turn me into a brunette but today I actually had to question when the last time I washed it was because it still hasn't gotten greasy! I've been tired/lazy lately but I don't really
  10. So everyday around 12-1pm my cheeks get really red. Does this happen to anyone else? I haven't had any majorly huge, painful breakouts in the past two days which is great! I'm still picking a little which is not so great. My skin is finally noticeably less oily, yet not excessively dry. My lips are okay, but I feel like that is mainly because I am trying my best to stay on top of them with chapstick. I have been really tired and my eyes/contacts have been dry but that may be because I'm not gett
  11. Yay for everyone's progress so far! I'm finally starting to notice some dryness (mainly nose and chin) on day 16! I'm hoping for a dosage increase next month as well! It's crazy how fast the time seems to go once you finally start the medicine.
  12. So definitely noticing some dryness and my nose has been a little bloody. Lips are gradually getting a little more dry too. But overall the last couple days have been okay. Still getting breakouts daily.
  13. Stress levels are crazy, gotta love parents. Anyways, I went to Sam's Club and stocked up on Cetaphil products (yay for that). My nose bled a little when I blew it this morning. I work outside in the freezing cold and its always running. My face is still red but not too dry. Other than that nothing to report.
  14. Hey! Hope everyone has had a good day! I woke up in a pretty good mood and then went to work (I'm a dog trainer) and within 5 minutes a dog decided to pee on my legs...so that was fun. ANYWAYS, today has been good. My skin is noticeably dryer and WAY more red. Does anyone know what works well for this? I don't typically wear makeup unless its for a special occasion. My cheeks are getting really red mid-day. Lips are good so far and my eyes haven't been as noticeably dry anymore so thats great! I
  15. So I work really early in the morning until noon then typically have an hour or so before my next job and today I had the afternoon off. After lunch (taking my pill) I was so tired and took a nap. I feel like I woke up with two nasty/painful pimples. One under my nose (ouch) and another on my chin. My face/cheeks are also pretty red today so I don't know if thats from the little sun I got yesterday or just my face being red like it likes to do. No excessive dryness to report yet.
  16. I can't believe I only have one more pill in my 1st pack of 10! AHH, so exciting. I am slightly noticing the drying a bit more. My cheeks have been breaking out the worst but also seem like the most dry areas so far. My lips are slightly chapped as well, but I've been very proactive about chapstick. I'm ready for these annoying blackheads to start pushing themselves out already! They seem darker and they're just so tempting...I just want to squeeze them. I had a nasty whitehead I was doing such
  17. So I totally don't know why I didn't post last night because I totally had the tab open to! Anyways, yesterday was good. I'm noticing a little more redness. Past creams have made my whole face red, but this is just making my acne a lot more inflamed so far especially after washing. I probably use water that is too hot. I wore makeup for the first time in forever (and while on actuate) yesterday and felt pretty good about my skin! I just get nervous I shouldn't because it will clog my pores more
  18. Sup fellow taners? So lately I feel like the more I look in the mirror the more my blackheads stare back at me! I want them goneeeee, I'm curious to see how those come out. I've always been super aware of the little ones on my nose, but now I'm starting to notice them all over my forehead too. I'm really looking forward to this magical soft skin with small pores they talk about. I'm ready to look like how snapchat filters make me look in real life. No new symptoms so far, just a semi dry nose (e
  19. Sooo I'm more tired than normal today but not sure if that's due to work or the meds. Guess we'll never know. I definitely need to work on remembering to drink more water throughout the day as well! I've still been touching my face a lot, which I really need to focus on not doing! Hopefully its early enough in treatment that I won't have long term scarring or whatnot from it. My eyes have also been a little more dry and i'm hoping they don't become excessively dry because I wear contacts and hav
  20. Fairlie

    Day 5

    I'm glad its not just me! I will definitely increase my water intake and try the vaseline trick!
  21. Maggie, oh no I hope your leg is better! and I'm right there with you. I literally can't tell if I'm having an initial breakout or just my skin being bad like normal. I'm wondering if my dosage isn't high enough. How do they determine that? Is it based on body weight? And welcome, Sofia! I'm totally with you on disliking my birth control. I would switch if it wouldn't set my accutane treatment back. But congrats on quitting smoking and alcohol! I've also stopped drinking since starting.
  22. So last night while I was working (5 HOURS LATER THAN I WAS SUPPOSED TO) I got anxious and annoyed so I picked at my face, horrible I know but I won't anymore. There were just so many pop-able ones. Anyways, oddly enough my face looks better today kinda and I've had a bunch of little baby pimples pop up on my checks, nose, and chin. No dryness yet other than potentially inside my nose. Also, my mouth tastes a little weird/different right when I wake up. I wonder if that is related to accutane.
  23. Fairlie

    Day 4

    Thanks for all the advice! I definitely do think its my IB starting because deep stuff that hasn't gone away with creams, facials, washes, etc are looking like they're starting to pop up in small little pimples on my chin! I'm honestly kind of happy about it.
  24. So today my acne is bothering me more, I'm not sure if that's because I'm resisting popping the nasty breakouts or what. There are several on my chin, cheeks and jawline. I've been rubbing and touching throughout today almost to check if they will just keep popping up hourly. I have no idea what to expect the initial breakout to be like and that's scares me cause I'm not one to do my makeup daily and don't want to have to start. I haven't been dry but I'm also already using the moisturizer when
  25. One more day in the books! So far I've gotten a couple more pimples, but I don't know if this is due to accutane or my period (sorry if that's TMI but it is what it is). My roommates have been complete shitheads the last 48 hours so if that additional stress doesn't kickstart my initial breakout than I don't know what will. I swear it looks like my pores are opening up but maybe I'm just noticing it because I haven't been analyzing my face before bed every night in this much detail before. I hav