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  1. disgrace

    getting better...getting worse

  2. disgrace

    Adult acne and relationships

    jee, classy.
  3. When you subconsiously start walking with your hand up to the side of your face, so your boyfriend cant see your face.
  4. disgrace

    I have Began Bactrum

    were in the same boat then, I just started Bactrim too. good luck with it! allison
  5. I tried Minocycline and it did absolutely nothing, but now a few years later i am trying BActrim (a stronger antibiotic) so fingers crossed this is better.
  6. Well i was fed up again, and i went to the doctor and even though I have tried antibiotics before and The Pill nothing good hever came from taking these medicines. But the doctor was nice and realistic and told me roaccutane was bad bad bad and kind of basically said sure if you were 25 and still had terrible acne then you may take it but apparently i needed to try a few more things before i got to that point. so he is trying me out on a antibiotic called Bactrim. and this gel that smell
  7. shyness modesty intelligence creativity humor loyalty physically- Tall dark hair (curly mabye?) and old fashioned looking the beauty of women to me (as a woman)is about grace humor intelligence integrity loyalty physically- Long hair tall lithe small fine wrists not too much makeup! natural happiness
  8. I think slightly more attractive people often have more confidence(in some cases), so for me i think it isn't so much how attractive someone is, but it might be their confidence about themselves(and how they look), oh and a great sense of humor hehe, but i do agree, in my experience long-term relationships seem to develop when you are really, really attracted to someone physically but i've found some people use their appearence to manipulate other people, stay away from those people, becaus
  9. My lovely boyfriend happens to have absolutely flawless looking skin, and for as long as i have known him, i have had acne. gar. but what i really hate is some days (maybe once in a blue moon) he will get a tiny tiny tiny little pimple and he goes LOOK! LOOK! I've got a pimple!! it's SORE! and RED! and just THERE! and i'm sitting there in disbelief does he not look at MY face? LOL but now, thanks to dan, my skin is getting better and the other day he covered my face in stolen kisses and