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  1. Update: So it has been over 4 months since I stopped accutane. Normally I'd start seeing a lot of bumps form after 2-3 months when I stop accutane, but so far everything has been clear (knock on wood). My routine consists of using Benzoyl Peroxide on my scalp. I then shave my head with a 2 bladed razor using barbosol aloe shaving foam. I then rinse my head with water and then apply isopropyl alcohol on my scalp using cotton balls. It may sting if you have sores, especially if you cut them.
  2. 2 weeks after stopping accutane (still have 2 months left, but I got tired of it and knew it isn't a permanent solution). I'm thinking about shaving my head again before it gets worse. I have a doctors appointment on Tuesday, so I might just shave it tomorrow so he can get a better look at it.
  3. I got a skin biopsy today. I should get results back in a week but if nothing comes back, the doctor seems to be leaning towards accutane with a month on month off regimen for a long time. I'll update you all next week or so.
  4. Don't use any products for wrinkles like Quadboy said. If you must, make sure whatever you use is non-comedogenic.
  5. I'm going to the doctor on Tuesday and I'm not leaving without a prescription for either anti-biotics or low dose/long term accutane. I'll update everyone on what I get prescribed. I'm not going on Minicyclin or Doxycylin (sp?) as I've already taken them before. I'll mention what you suggested if he refuses Accutane which is what I'm shooting for since my conditions responds so well to it. As you can see my condition isn't as bad in the first post so maybe another round may further reduce it pos
  6. The images are taken at different periods of time obviously. The first two were taken today. The next two were taken before I cut my hair shorter. Then the last three was when I decided to shave my head in hopes that would help (it obviously didn't lol).
  7. When I had facial acne, accutane did wonders for me. Be aware of the side effects though. I definitely would try anti-biotics first. which is what I'm sure the doctors would have you do. Doxycyclin or Minicyclin (sp?) is what the doctors might give you. But just go see a doctor and get started on some sort of anti-biotic.
  8. Well actually the folliculitis is on the top and sides of my head now. I actually just had a break out today. The back of the neck is clear unlike in the main photo. I'll try to remember to get a photo up here soon of the current state it's at. I'm trying to avoid oral anti-biotics at this point as folliculitis always seems to come back once you stop taking them. It did for me even after I stopped accutane, although less severe so far. I'm considering going back on it though.
  9. So the vinegar/peroxide wash worked for a bit, but the problem started coming back. I'm now using Hibiclense (The Walgreens version with a pump). So far, after a week of use my problem has cleared up. I was able to cut my hair super short. I have 4 relatively small visible bumps on my scalp. What I do is pump the solution onto a cotton ball and rub onto my scalp and leave it on over night. Then I either shower in the morning and reapply or just reapply without showering. I also started using gen
  10. So my scalp is basically cleared up again. Not sure if it was a matter of letting it grow out, or the Hydrogen Peroxide and Apple Cider vinegar mix that I've been using. It seemed to have dried up all of the acne spots and I've been able to just pick them off. I basically poor it small amount of each in a cup, add water, and then rub it on my scalp using a cotton ball. I leave it on and usually do it twice a day.
  11. I've managed to keep the condition under control after getting off accutane. I was using a product by Follicula which was a leave in hair scalp lotion. It smelled, but kept the problem at bay. Scalp wasn't itching much and whatever postules that came up, weren't painful at all. I recently decided to shave my head however to try and get to the root of the problem. This was a terrible idea as it spread what little infection that I had. I'm not sure if it's just razor bumps or something, but it se
  12. Thanks for the reply Laridma! A lot of the things you said is similar to what I experienced (Mine even started around the same time). I have already begun the Keto diet a few days ago thanks to you. I will also get some probiotics. I am on an accutane low dose right now (30 mg a day, but I've been doing every other day because I thought it was overkill). Because I am on accutane however, the diet is almost useless right now so I actually may stop soon but it was nice to get an idea of what it
  13. I'm a 23 year old male. I've been on Accutane 3 times throughout my life. 2 times during my teen years (facial acne), and also this past year I was on it for scalp issues. I was taking 80mg for 4 months and that cleared my scalp, but two months later, my scalp issues are coming back. It occurs all over my scalp but usually gets bad on the back of my scalp (just above the neck). I've also taken minocycline and doxycycline but it only helps for a little, which is why I ended up going on Accutane a