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  1. I just want to update, I just achived my current goal, no pimples or so on my forehead! My temples stayed clear for like 2 months and there are some red marks but they slowly fade and, my forehead right now does not have any pimple but there are some blackheads tho. I want to say that I didn't really had a routine in like past 2-3 weeks I mainly wash my face with my face wash in the morning and at night i may splash some water sometimes or just leave it as it is and wash it in the morning, oh an
  2. Back again, this time with pretty good news. You can't really tell on the photos, but I only have like 3-4 pimples and they are really small compared to what i had, however meanwhile I had some chin breakouts, but nothing serious. Pretty much everything that you can see in the photos in hyperpigmentation, some of hyperpigmentation si brown and some is red. I also noticed some minor scars. My question is, are this scars going to fade on their own or I need to do something and, what can I do for t
  3. I am back, and I don't have any good news.... Does anyone have any suggestions for this? P.S I just ordered the Dudu Osun Black Sope because I've seen pretty good feedback and I'm thinking to use it with apple cider vinegar, for the past 2 weeks or so I've use Tetracycline on topic, it's like a cream and i put it on my forehead and temples, but I didn't really saw a big improvment, but it helped a bit tho, I'm thinking about something like this: Wash my face morning and night with the dudu os
  4. Hi guys, first of all english is not my main language so if I make some mistakes sorry. Everything started when I was a happy 13 years old boy, I was having some little pimples and so but nothing serious. When I was 13 and a half I moved to another country, that was like 7 months ago. With 2-3 weeks before moving my skin started to have that little bumps on my forehead. I started to wash my face regulatly twice a day and moisturize afterwards. But my skin got worse and worse. I know that I'm o