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  1. this sucks. Ive been on this for about a week and a half and my face get oily after 3 hours after washing with SA in the morning. It gets irritable like I can feel the oil coming out of my pores.
  2. well I have started to do thie SA only in the morning and then Both at night. But during the day my skin feels very oily and my acne itches and irritates me. I am going to have to do this twice a day.
  3. they are dissapearing fast. No breakouts today! I feel good. They are all shrinking up. I think next week I should be clear. I suffer Minor Acne.
  4. I am on my first week of my regimen. Its irritating at the moment because I am going though the breakout period. ](*,) I just want to skip through time and get clear!
  5. I have been doing botchlas reg for a week now. I had been on Dans regimen for 2 month and was almost completly clear. Desperate to get 100% I switch over to botchla. Now I think I am experiencing the breakout peroid. I have about 5 acne pimples and one whitehead on my chin. I have one red pimple on my lip and it hurts when I move my mouth. I dont remember having my acne hurt like this while I was on dan reg. Is this normal?
  6. thanks JC. The only cleanser I have is Purpose and it makes my skin too dry. I usually have oily skin too. I worry that if I add the cleanser to this regime my face will be too dry. And if I dont cleanse my face before the tape method it might cause some bad breakouts. #-o
  7. I am just wondering if I should start to get rid of my red marks by using the tape method. I am currently on Botchlas regimen and I my acne is pretty low. Id like to get rid of the red marks ive had for a while. When should I incorporate the tape mehtod into this regimen?
  8. I just started this regimen and so far I like it. I have had no outbreak but im only on day two. Im doing SA in the monring and both at night. Since my face is clearing up Id like to get rid of these red marks. How can I squeese the tape method into this regimen?
  9. cant wait to get the BP Gel. Great work dan!
  10. Hi, I just started using the regimen about two weeks ago. Its working really well so far. I still get breakouts but overall the irritation is low. The only problem I am having is that my skin is very very dry even after using the Moisturizer. It looks scaily. I use purpose cleaning bar, half finger of BP, and Purpose Moisurizer. I also find that the purpose moisturizer doesnt really spread well, I have to rub it in harder then I would like to in order to make it vanish. Can anyoen recommend a mo
  11. thats insteresting. I would think having the pores open while putting BP on would make a difference but if dan says so...
  12. okk so rince with warm and then cold after....then apply the BP cream?
  13. OK, im on the regimen now. I used to use Proactiv which worked well when I first start it but my skin was never totally clear and my acne isnt all that severe. Im confused though, when I was my face, I do it with hot water. Then I put on the lather the cleaner onto my face. Once I do that am I supposed to wash it off with hot water or cold water? I read somewhere on here that you wash with hot and rince with cold. Wash most likely mean washing on, and rinse is rincing off. THerefore, Hot on,