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Status Updates posted by Opiate

  1. Hi. It is the old logo of a band called Tool :-)

  2. Good thanks. And you? You remind me of Francoise from The Beach :-)

  3. Thanks for the add

  4. :P to you too missy.
  5. Yeah they're the greatest thing since sliced bread. So many great songs and albums I cannot choose a favourite anything.

  6. How's Lost working out for you?

  7. Sure does. I have a Maths exam myself on June 2 because I failed it at school due to laziness.

  8. Good morning youngone! I promised to drop you a comment when I got up so here it is. I'm off to the cinema, I hope you have a good day and I'll speak to you later most likely :-)

  9. That's ace. I'll speak to you later :-)

  10. Nice one. I can send you some on msn.

  11. No problem. It'll become your life though. If I die in the next 2 years the biggest tragedy will be never knowing how it ends!

  12. Told ya. What album did you get?

  13. http://www.surfthechannel.com/show/television/Lost.html

    All there from first episode to current one. My treat.

  14. Green Mile is a good film. Lost is missing from your list of TV shows; it should be top. I'll forgive you because you're a limey like me though :-).

  15. Nice. Not as personal as an Ireland debate though.

  16. Nah you go girl; fight to the bitter end for the Emerald Isle :-). I would defend this country viciously if it wasn't so twatful.

  17. That's a tough one. To be honest a lot of people here don't think about it.

  18. It's one hot potato of a subject. What was the debate?