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  1. Yes, very. I hated it SO much for so long that since Accutane cleared me 3 years ago when I find myself in times of trouble since I can look back, try and remember just HOW low I felt then and feel glad it's over and that whatever is happening now is NOT that again. It's made everything else since (including numerous relationship break-ups and problems, moving to a new city on my own for the 1st time, drinking too much for a while, and even dabbling with drugs a bit too often at 1 point) seem li
  2. Hi. It is the old logo of a band called Tool :-)

  3. Do it man...I was in exactly the same situation as you and Accutane totally changed my life. Now I never even think of acne after it being like the bane of my existence for years!
  4. Yeah it adjusts. For the first few days I felt all weird and dopey and then I could no longer feel any difference.
  5. Maybe for you but in my experience nothing was an acne trigger while on Tane (or afterwards so far).
  6. It is definitely worth it. Started in November with my skin in a shocking state. Finished 2 months ago and totally clear now. The ends justifies the means when taking Tane.
  7. I can say from experience its worth seeing out the rough patches for a happy ending.
  8. Depends on the severity, the person, their eyesight and perceptiveness.... Some people may, some may not.
  9. Go uni. The long run my friend, the long run.
  10. OK. Do you think its permanent?
  11. Hi, I have been off accutane for a month and recentl whenever I come out of a bath that isn't cold my face is totally red in all areas where acne used to be for a good 40 minutes. Anyone else experience something like this?
  12. Good thanks. And you? You remind me of Francoise from The Beach :-)

  13. Thanks for the add

  14. Do you guys think it will be OK to start taking OTC hay fever tablets 3 weeks after stopping a 40mg per day course of accutane?
  15. Ok, in response to all the questions about my red marks: they were BAD at first because what I had was deep rooted tunnelling acne. Over the course they faded a lot (slowly) and by the time I came off they were a lot more acceptable. However, I have become almost fully clear of them since I came off, to the point where they are barely noticeable. I cannot promise this for everyone, all I can do is share my personal experience with you lovely people. I believe drinking a lot of water helps. Also,
  16. Tbh you should consult a derm and either keep the flaps shut or use protection till he tells you what next.
  17. I completed Roaccutane (as its known in the UK) 16 days ago. I stopped breaking out about 2 months in and the rest of the course was a slow healing process. However, the 16 days I've been off it since have been the most productive of all; healing has become rapid and my skin is almost perfect (i.e nearly no red marks either). I thought I'd share this with those of you who are at the depressing part of your courses and feel like things are never gonna get better (I was definitely there myself for
  18. Imagining apples and bananas coming out of the skin isn't great either...