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  1. Wk 1: Well my lips are remaining dry and my eyes and nose are becoming more dry. I haven't experienced any new massive breakouts. maybe one or two here and there. I do have lots of bumps on my neck and jawline. I don't know if that's a breakout to come or just the medicine that is keepng them from breaking out. My breakouts are drying p fairly quickly. It usually takes a couple days for them to dry out. My skin is still full of red spots. Other than that it seems like the medicing is working sl
  2. No need to worry. My derm also started my off on 80 mg a day. I broke out really really bad the first 4-5 days and it's starting to subside now. I don't see any new breakouts coming but I have a few ones leftover that are coming to a head. I asked my derm and she said that although there is no initial breakout on low dosage, low dosage really was not all that effective. She said that 80mg was normal dosage.
  3. Day 6: Woke up this morning and noticed a new army of white heads exploding on my face. Most of them have hardened by this afternoon, but unlike some others, they are not falling off. They are lingering for a few days and then if I happen to itch a little, then it might fall off. My face feels like a rocky road. I wish it would start smoothing out. I know it's only my first week (not even). I don't even know if the breaouts I'm experiencing are my initial breakouts from accutane. My lips are nu
  4. :-k Day 5: Got out of the shower this morning and noticed no new whiteheads. I hope that's a good thing. I am noticing the rest of any developing zits coming to a head and hopefully the accutane will dry them up and will flake off like the rest. My lips are becoming drier and my skin is peeling alot. I guess you really need to use lots of moisturizer while on accutane. My nose is dry and peeling as well. Other than that I haven't noticed any other side effects. My face looks pretty red and m
  5. Has any accutane user ever used BP while on accutane? Is it harmful. Does it disrupt the process??
  6. Day 3: Had a pretty big breakout of about 10-12 whiteheads. some were small and some were big. I don't know if this is part of the initial breakout. I would think that's pretty fast within 3 days. Maybe it's just my body. Day 4: I'm noticing my lips and nose starting to get a little dryer. My throat seems to be dry as well. I haven't read any posts about anyone having dry throats so I'm hoping that if someone experienced the same thing, they will post. It looks like the small whiteads are h
  7. Day 1: I took my first pill last night but I guess I will consider today the start date. As expected no change (duh) I'll just wait and see. My road to clarity begins today!
  8. I passed bloodwork and now have my prescription to accutane. I hope this does the miralces everyone says it does. I've been reading everyone else's posts regarding accutane and have taken all necessary precautions (i.e chapstick, lotion, etc..) I'll be posting in a week with results.
  9. Well I had an appointment this morning with my Derm. She took one look at my face and asked me if I wanted to go on Accutane. I've done plenty of research and I know what it is capable of and what the side effects. I agreed to it and had bloodwork done. I will find out Thurs or Fri if I am eligible for it. If so, I will be stopping the Regimen and starting my Accutane Regimen. I'll keep weekly posts of progress, hopefully.
  10. 10% is the only gel that i've found until Dan's comes out. It is also not as irritating to my skin as it may be to others. Woke up this morning with a army of big whitheads on both cheeks. Hope this is the BP pushing more stuff out. Looks quite bad. Just keep pushing on with the Regimen. I've been using combo of products for the past 3-4 weeks. This will be the actual first week that the Regimen (Dan's or close to since using 10%BP) I'm always eager to try diff stuff but I need to stick thi
  11. I use panoxyl 10% and I don't think it's as drying as nutreaugena on the spot. But also gel makes a big difference
  12. Well I decided to cut out everything and just stick to Dan's regimen. I did up the BP to 10%. My skin takes to it pretty well and has been drying out my existing breakouts and has been working well. I've been using it for two days now and has been so far so good. Morning: shower and wash face gently with cetaphil daily wash, gently pat face dry, wait 10 min and apply 10% bp generously. wait 10 min and then apply cetaphil daily moisturizer. Night: wash face with cetaphil bar, gently pat fac
  13. It didn't look like 2.5% was doing much so I made a big jump to 10%. I have really bad breakouts on my jaw line and it looks like 10% is drying them out really fast. We'll see how it works out. Also I've started putting on moisturizer before bp. I don't know if this is bad because I should put BP on right away? I'm not sure. Hopefully someone has some advice.
  14. I just started putting on moist before BP and it feels really good when putting on BP. no burn....nice and smooth. maybe give this a try?
  15. Well I'm in the middle of week 3. At the beginning I started using differin and it broke me out really bad. I also started using the vinegar method and aloe to see if my hyperpigmentation would lighten up. I can't tell a noticeable diff yet since it's only been two days but i'll post any significant changes.looks like the best reg for me now is going to be night: SA wash, vinegar, aloe, BP morning: purpose bar, vinegar, BP, ceta mositurizer I don't think the aloe and vinegar will disrup