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  1. Thanks @beautifulambition. I understand the glycolic and stamping wont fix it fully, I just want to get my skin regime at home on point and then I can start looking into the subcision and fillers. Thanks so much for all this information I felt pretty clueless before posting here and probably would have taken any clinics word for what would sort the problem. I'm going to spend the next few days researching and reading on all the the things you mentioned and make some progress. Thank you so much.
  2. @beautifulambition thank you so much this information has been really helpful. I'm going to look into all the options on here. What % should ingest a glycolic peel in? And is there much downtime? Thanks
  3. Thanks Atrophica. Looked at the derminator. Definitely going to purchase one. I'm UK based. What is a retinoid and where could I get one from? Sorry pretty clueless when it comes to all this. Any good info sources you know of i could take a look at? Thanks
  4. I suffered from acne when I was about 16 I was left with these scars on my right cheek. They look horrible and really knock my confidence sometimes making me too depressed to go out of the house. Any info on what i could do to reduce or get rid of them would be really great and appreciated