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  1. this is the wierdest thread made by the wierdest person.
  2. I made a big mistake..........:cry: :cry: :cry: r u mentally retarded?
  3. just so u know the only reason hes even trying to meet u over myspace is because he wants to have sex with.. sry just being honest.. doubt that is even his rela picture
  4. why people would use regulr bar soap is beyond me, bad idea. It irratates ur skin to much and drys it out. id think u know this if u went on accutane.. use a mild gel acne wash , dermalogica acne bac wash is the best
  5. if ur alreADY on ur way to getting accutane, go for it.. in 4-6 months ull be like damn, im sure glad i did that.. GO FOR IT, and GL!
  6. Anyone else have that after shock almost.. u still think u have acne and and r just so use to having and hiding from it.. then wen u dont have it it carries over.. if u know wat i mean holla
  7. id say 7/10.. u have moderate scarring though.. accutane then a good redmark regimine would be my suggestion.. GL!
  8. the thing is to do it at the right time.. trying to pop a non poppable pimple is bad.. but some r can be popped with any scaring or blemishing
  9. all the pictures ur just showed r just picutrs of celebs with no acen wat so ever.. thx for thr pointless pictures though