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  1. Like blahblah82 said, I'd be interested to know how much time has passed - as it doesn't seem that long ago to me that you posted a thread asking about your scarring. Anyway, a tremendous improvement has been made so congratulations (and thanks for sharing).
  2. QuanHenry - I am really pleased to hear you think your Derminator treatments are making a difference. May I ask if you did anything differently the second time around - or did you pretty much repeat what you did the first time? If you could describe to us what you did that would be great. Thanks. Presumably, you have a 3rd treatment lined up for 6 weeks after the last one - so if you do decide to up the needle length, how will this effect your time between treatments? Will you be looking to
  3. Ha. Well, this is about as clear as mud - and I think one of the problems is we are talking at cross-purposes here... In summary: Dermarollers/dermastamps - makes sense not to move vertically/horizontally/in circles as you would just be tearing the skin (if you don't lift) Derminator - This product's very instructions state that you do should use circular motions Dermapen - Looks to me like the guidelines are that you glide over the skin in straight lines, though it says you can use circles i
  4. I have wondered about the depth indicator although I've never looked at it whilst needling otherwise I wouldn't be able to see what I'm doing. It is one thing to look at it when you're just needling air but I have wondered how it reacts when it comes up against the skin/resistance. Anyway, interesting point. I will consider using the medium setting next time myself. I guess that by using the fast setting it gave me the belief that it would be delivering maximum needle depth penetration, which
  5. Don't know what anyone else thinks but personally I do not get it. I don't know what he thinks he is achieving by using a stamping motion when it's already operating as a stamp. Seems that he thinks he'll go deeper by doing that but the reality is you can achieve maximum depth just by holding the device against your skin or applying a bit more pressure. You'd be better off using an actual dermastamp if you wanted to do that sort of thing otherwise you are relying on the needles being in the oute
  6. I'm not sure what you mean as isn't the Dermapen a stamp itself?... just an automated one. You wouldn't need to use a stamping motion with the pen as it does it by itself - unless what you mean is whole it steady in one place. In that case, you only really want to make singular impressions in different locations rather than hitting the same holes repeatedly. This is why if using a roller, you should lift after going it one direction so that you don't end up going over the same "train tracks" whe
  7. Rather than keep pointing us towards the Amazon reviews, we'd rather hear more about you, your situation and how it helped. ie. a description of what your scars were like and how long you had them for. Basically, you're saying "trust me, it works - and 80% of Amazon reviewers can't be wrong". We know nothing about you (other than that you have two sisters) and that you supposedly had "pitted" scars that went away after a month of using this cream. This is a subject that has been discussed befo
  8. This thread deserved a reply before it got one... Welcome badlighting and you have certainly taken the right approach up until now by doing your research - and lots of it. I am also someone who researches the hell out of things before trying it. As much as we'd like to do everything to maximum effectiveness right away though, it's just not practical. You can only use your findings as a starting point and then continue to learn and adapt your procedures based on your own experiences. There ar
  9. Having read your earlier posts I can see that: - you can't seem to decide whether you are 13 or 15 years old - you created a thread the other day asking whether MSM would work on your nose because you "know someone who has used it" - days later you are categorically stating that MSM cream works and that your scars faded after a month of use So, you are either assuming that the product works based on what Amazon reviews say rather than your own experience or you are flat-out lying. Either
  10. I'm only just starting out so can't realistically expect to have seen any kind of results to date. Indeed, the two sessions I have done so far can be considered as "experimental". Indeed, I'm already writing off the one I did the other day as the redness has already subsided along with most of the microswelling. My gut feeling at the time was that it was too conservative and I think that's going to prove to be the case. Up until now I have mostly been reading up on the subject and trying to g
  11. I did what I'd consider to be my first "proper" Derminator session last night. 1.5mm on temples and 2.25mm on cheeks. Even the 2.25mm was easily tolerable. I had reservations about using 1.5 on the temples but in hindsight I feel I could have gone even deeper. Anyways, we'll see what happens. Am I the only one who finds it a bit awkward when it comes to the procedure itself? Practising circular motions with no needles pumping is one thing but when it comes to the real thing I find it difficult
  12. Hehe, it's just another variable to add to the mix... not only how you prepare your vitamin C (or even if you do it yourself) but which strength you make it or how often and when you apply it. Oh well, we can only experiment, document our experiences and see who has the best results. Even then it probably won't be clear on what is the best course of action in this respect. At least taking a daily 1000mg oral dose of Vitamin C is simple enough...
  13. This is what I mean about the instructions being confusing! It says about not needing to worry about degradation from heat. I'll quote it here for the record... Pre-treat your skin with vitamin C four days before rolling /needling to achieve maximum skin concentration. To make your own vitamin C serum – which is extremely beneficial to the skin, you need: Water. Boil the water to expel dissolved oxygen before you dissolve the vitamin C when the water has cooled off so that you can
  14. Thanks for the PRP info, BA - and well done QuanHenry for taking the plunge. I have prepared some Vit C in readiness for my own session but I found the OwnDoc instructions to not be as clear as they could be. The write-up on the website seems to conflict not only with itself but with the instructions on their packet of Vit C so I wasn't sure if you are supposed to dissolve it in boiling water, hot water or lukewarm water. I boiled some water and let it cool down to a certain extent before mixi
  15. Yes, great stuff Julian. Thanks. Here's to hoping we have similar stories to tell in a few months.