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  1. @nicmic62 yea i know but i find it so weird that when i used bp once a day its less red and the texture is better . I been putting bp for 5 weeks now , im okay with breaking out but the redness makes me feel like i might have something else besides acne . Maybe roseca or ezcema , i have a dermatologist appoinment tomm because i cant deal with how horrible i feel . My skin is so dry and i used jojoba oil and cetaphil and dans moustaraizer and i still feel tight and itchy . I honestly dont have an
  2. @nicmic62whats your advice on this.bp twice a day its deff not helping.Somebody told me I might have roseaca btw my face is extremetely tight.I understand the breakouts but the redness and tightness ?? im on my 5th week.When I used once a day my skin was red but not this red as twice a day.
  3. I think I have come to the conclusion that I have something besides acne! can anybody help me..This pictures were when I stop using any treatment for 1 year and my face was like that. Redness started with bumps and I decided to used acne.org .I been using it for about 1 month once a day and it was going okay for about 1 month my skin was maybe 25 percent less red and no breakouts in my cheek area but I was breaking out in my sides again red pimples. Somebody adviced me to do twice a day and my s
  4. @nicmic62 hey i started doing the treat twice a day and i feel like im getting sunburn , today i wAs so red and i put cetaphil because i dont think the jojoba oil and moustaraizer are enough for twice a day . Im so sad i feel like its getting worse , i applied twice a day since last friday . Im on my 5th week shouldnt i stop itching by now too . Today was so bad for me , im so red .
  5. @nicmic62 i agree with you but i noticed better results with once a day . And the itchines and dryness way better when i do it once a day . I have to clarify that im breaking out but not horribly breaking out . I mostly have ingrown looking bumps that are red but when i used bp twice a day my face looks pretty beat up . And the itchiness can even let me work and i just cant deal with it . Plus i been on the treatment for a month and stop peeling , all i have is redness and some breakouts that ar
  6. Thanm you for your answer but i used Bp and jojoba oil at nighttime . In the morning i just wash and moustarized .. I tried to do it twice a day withit the 3rd week but i just couldnt deal with the irrititation and i was already very red before the treatment so imagine being extra red for using the BP twice . Im very tan like very tan and my acne is red under the skin most of them dont even fully come to the surface . There has been times when i woke up to a bump full of blood that looked like a
  7. So i started the treatment exactly one month ago , my acne is majorly in my cheeks and forehead . Its very weird acne very red and some whiteheads . Im fairly tan so the redness was noticeable . My skin still very itchy and tight and i used jojoba oil at night time and only applied the BP at nighttime too . In the mornings i just washed and mouistarized with dans products . My redness has decreased to a 25 percent less than what it was when i started but i have notice that i get like 3 red smal