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  1. no acne scars. your skin looks good. wish i had that skin
  2. scarring isnt genetic my dad had acne but his skin is smoother than a babys butt . my mom never had acne a d my sister gets occasional spots never leave scars. my whole skin texture is bad. i have volume loss and fine lines at 21
  3. all i can say monroe is that you are so lucky you dont scar. i wish i could go back in time to when i had acne and prevent scarring, if only. scarring is so much worse than acne. id trade 100 pimples on my face anyday (if it was gaurenteed none would leave a scar) than 1 scar on my face and no pimples
  4. yeah they looked like they were getting better but they dipped down again today looking in the mirror. its not just my scarring, its my overall sin texture. those 2 scars dipped back down but they arent that deep, what bothers me more is the huge lump i have above the 2 scars. i have a non acne linear scar on my left temple. i grow out my beard just to cover up my pitted scarring on my right jawline. it sucks because the left side of my face on the jawline and cheeks where i cover with hair are
  5. guys i cant handle this anymore. im ready to leave this world. skin issues have ruined my life. goodbye
  6. you cant. youre stuck with them forever. im not trying to be rude, its just he sad truth. You CAN improve them if you are lucky and are rolling in dough, and even then you take huge risks such as making things worse, no improvement, permanent damage to the color of your skin, lumps, etc. and no if that stuff happens they do not refund you.
  7. honestly i will take that prominent line over my acne scars any day. you dont have acne scars, be grateful. this is an acne forum after all. i would trade the pain of a trauma scar than having to had to deal with breakouts daily, red marks, pills such as accutane and now minocycline, thousands spent on products and treatments, and the worry of every breakout being permanent. you do NOT have that problem. as far as my latest pic, thats the harshest lighting. that 1 scar on my lower cheek was neve
  8. check out my thread. ive developed new scars. we are all screwed for life.
  9. i am freaking the hell out. 2 weeks post 2nd subcision i been picking my skin alot lately like an idiot and today i just fully shaved and ive developed new scars . look at my face in worst lighting i cant stop crying
  10. use v beam to get rid of redness then tca cross as all ur scars or atleast 90 percent of them look like ice picks
  11. i have a similar issue however i have "natural fat" which gave me a lump near my mouth that looks like a raised hypertrophic scar from a cyst but its from volume loss. i do not have fat loss but instead fat gain i guess you can say
  12. i am disfigured for life . i wake up everyday wishing i jus had normal skin
  13. you just look like you have a bit of enlarged/scarred pores i dont see any actual acne scarring lol id die for your skin
  14. templeofdoom if i had your skin id go live my life man your skins flawless the only scarring you have is on your temples which i get are bothersome but its really the most common area for scarring in men from what i see on a daily basis atleast. id be happy because your nose cheeks mouth area and jawline are flawless