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  1. Stopping masturbating to clear up your skin is stupid. It's all in your head. People spout off all this bull about "hormones releasing" or "vitamins being depleted" after you get yourself off, but it simply IS NOT TRUE. the only way hormones would ever come into play enough to affect your skin would be if your brain was releasing so much testosterone that your sex drive was ridiculously amped up. And in that case, it would be hormones causing you to jack off, not the other way around. Frankly,
  2. I had horrible acne last year, and I tried every treatment in the book, visited regularly with a derm, did research, tried several natural methods of treatment, you name it, until I was "cured". After all of that, sometimes when I see people out and about with bad skin, I can sometimes recognize what type of acne they have and what sort of treatment would probably work for them. I cant help it... I just have so much information about the subject floating around in my head. For example there's t
  3. my derm told me breakouts are often 4-6 weeks in the making... whenever I break out, I always think back to what I was doing a month ago. Was I going out to bars every night, eating crap food, and hanging around smoky areas? Was I eating a lot of dairy? Was I stressed as hell? Strangely enough, it always seems to add up. Perhaps this is just the resulting breakout from the stress of moving six weeks ago? You may not feel as stressed anymore, but your skin takes time to catch up. If you're takin
  4. Basically every acne treatment will exacerbate the problem at first, and it's sort of like your skin is purging itself of all the bad stuff. If you're looking to get clear skin, pustules are a sign that it's working... and pustules arent too bad because they heal quite quickly if they're popped CORRECTLY. As in, take a hot shower/drape a hot washcloth over your face to soften the pores and squeeze gently with toilet paper around your index fingers. Another trick that I've learned is that after y
  5. does anyone have a part of their face that is especially sensitive to acne? like it's always the first place to have a pimple when you break out, and that area always looks the worst compared to the rest of your face? it's the strangest thing... that "special" place for me is the right side of my chin. the rest of my face will be fine, but that one spot is always the red flag. haha it's like a hormonal acne barometer. if i'm pms-ing badly, that's the only place i break out, and when i stopped s
  6. I really reccommend the kiehl's white line... it's specifically designed to lighten and brighten skin tone with gentle botanical exfoliators to even out melanin production. it was a real gem for me when i had to even out pigmentation from my acne. i'm not sure if it's available in the US... you might need to order it.
  7. i get these weird rough teeny tiny bumps on my forehead... you can't see them unless you're really, really close, but you can definitely feel them. They're skin coloured and i have to keep myself from trying to scratch them off! They make my forehead feel a bit like sandpaper, even though it LOOKS clear. They're definitely aggravated when there's sweat on my forehead. I've been using salicylic acid to help exfoliate them away, but they're quite stubborn. Anyone have a similar experience?
  8. The next time you get a big cyst, you should hightail it to the derm and ask for a cortisone shot. It'll flatten the cyst and make it disappear completely in a couple days.
  9. ugh its been a bad few weeks. this time last year my skin was absolute and utter shit... little did i know back then that i can't deal with topical medications so my skin was broken out AND irritated and dry as hell. basically, last year right now, my zits had zits. it was acne whack-a-mole... get rid of one, three new ones take its place. however, i went on spiro and got completely clear by december and had a lovely AMAZING time with my clear, clear skin... until now. i don't know what's going
  10. if you're worried about dry skin, just switch to a gentler cleanser and a richer moisturizer designed for dry skin types. i used the kiehl's white collection to gently exfoliate (no scratchy granules) and reduce melanin accumulation on my skin, and it got rid of red marks like a charm. I then switched to kiehl's gentle foaming cleanser and ultra facial cream and my skin was like PORCELAIN.
  11. BC like ortho and medication like spironolactone do not take testosterone away from your body completely, they just lower the excess amounts. if you didnt have any testosterone at all, your body wouldnt be able to function properly.
  12. Have you visited a dermatologist or doctor recently? I feel as though someone qualified would be able to determine whether you have acne or a fungal infection.
  13. It sounds like spironolactone would be perfect for you. The fact that you became clear during your pregnancies was due to the circulating hormones, particularly estrogen. As you know, acne is caused by androgens (male hormones like testosterone), and spironolactone counters the effect of the acne-causing hormones. I'm no doctor or scientist, but I do know that spiro latches onto the testosterone hormone, changing its shape so it can't bond to cell receptors and do its job properly (much like cha
  14. have you ever considered the fact that you might have polycystic ovarian syndrome? its not that uncommon, its just an imbalance of sex hormones in your body and it can be easily fixed by a drug like spironolactone (an androgen blocker that gets rid of excess testosterone) and birth control pills to regulate your period. it sounds like you have all the symptoms... you break out around your chin and jawline which is where women primarily break out due to hormones, you have irregular periods, and y
  15. i had moderate acne around my chin and forehead and it took 6 weeks to notice that i wasn't getting any new breakouts, not one new pimple. it took 3 months to be completely clear and redmark free (and i have very fair skin).