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  1. Just be persistent with it, dont give up on it because my doctor told me it takes at least 3 months before results are seen.
  2. Do you use anything else for your acne other than retin-a at night?
  3. I'd say talk to him again. Its gonna be either that he dont know what to say to you and a bit shy, or he is trying to put you off becuase he isnt into you.
  4. Yeah I'm 24 this year and only just finally feeling like I'm starting to settle with who I am and focusing on what I want. It doesnt stop me from thinking about what I havent done the past 4 or five years, but in a way that motivates me to make changes and become who and what I want to be.
  5. Dude that sux ass. I hate chicks like that, why couldnt she have told you dates before, whats with leading a dude on. I knew a guy at college who was going out with this girl who was obviously to us just using him for all he was worth, she even demanded he pay for first class travel on a holiday HE was paying for, AND she wouldnt let him sleep with her, maybe once per week, becuase ít didnt do anything for her''!?!?!? Some girls are twisted. BUT, like others said, if she is for real and does l
  6. The difference is subtle for me, with acne, when I'm out and with buddies I am the same dude and dont let it bother me. But its more when I'm just at home doing nothing, it gets me feeling a bit shit and then if I'm out alone and I've got a load of acne I'm no where near as confident, ah yeah I also hate going into 7/11 or McDonalds with acne, the lights are way too white/bright. Without acne, I'm myself without being concious of the ugly ass puss filled lumps on my face.
  7. I came off BP after around 5 or more years of twice daily applying it to me skin in some regimen or other, and two full fingers per day every day whilst I was on the DKR regimen for the past 13 months. I came off it completely, cold turkey, in Feb - and my skin has been the best it ever has. I didnt come off it without going onto something else though, I know I would have had a huge breakout if I had, but I went straight onto the Alpha Hydrox products, the foaming face wash, and Alpha 12% souf
  8. Im not on it anymore, that was the purpose of wrapping this log up. (See most recent post).
  9. Hey I'm back to wrap up this log. I've made some huge changes since last posting, biggest and main change, after 5 years of constant twice per day application, I've ditched the BP all together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It did its job, sort of, for the first few years, especially when I was on Proactiv, but when I started the DKR, I think applying so much BP just irritated the hell out of my skin and if you've read my previous posts, I think that was the reason I was so unsuccesful with the regimen,
  10. Im the same, real bad itchy and I’ve been doing the regimen since December. So really know what to do to stop it, also ironic you posted this, because last night I woke myself up rubbing my face with my bed sheet whilst I was asleep!!!!!!!! I had no idea I was doing this, and stopped immediately, but its annoyed me, coz how the heck can I train my myself not to itch whilst I’m not conscious of doing it!
  11. Josh8


    Will we be able to apply it to our entire face like Alpha Hydrox product? Or is it strictly for spot treatment?
  12. Josh8


    Awesome, looking forward to it!
  13. You should wait until after you workout.
  14. For me it comes in waves, I don’t visit the place for a week or so, and then I return and spend hours every night at the place, its my third day ‘back’ after about two weeks, but I’ve been on the site probably 20 hours since I’ve been back. I’ve been telling myself, ok I’ll go to bed now for the past 4 hours…its now 3am! ccraazy! I really am going now though.
  15. I’m cool with looking people in the eyes, but then I will have a random time every now and again where I start seeing it in an intense way and it freaks me out! Haha It happened to me today, I was talking to some dude and he was chatting back, and then all of a sudden I realised I was looking at him in the eye and he was looking at me in the eye as he was talking, and it felt very strange, cant describe it, just weird, like intense, then I started talking in reply to what he had just said and